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Two more cases of measles have been confirmed in Vancouver, but an unknown source for one of them has officials asking the public to check if they are in Richmond, Squamish, Whistler and Vancouver areas in case they have been exposed.

There are now 10 confirmed cases in Vancouver. Nine have been linked to students, staff and family in three French-language schools. An eleventh case, which had been contracted by a person who had traveled outside Canada and was detected earlier this month, is not related to the current outbreak as the disease did not spread.

"Because we have not yet identified the transmission source for one of the new cases of measles, there is a chance that we will not identify all the sources of exposure," Dr. Althea Hayden, Vancouver Health Care Officer.

"We have identified a number of public spaces where people have or may have been exposed where we could not contact them for this report."

If you are in these areas on these dates and times, you are asked to review your vaccination history.

There are other locations where the audience may have been exposed. VCH's staff come in contact with them.

Anyone born before 1970 is considered immune. Anyone born between 1970-1994 may have received only one of the two doses required for complete immunization. It invites you to take measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) as soon as possible. If you were born after 1994, you probably have two installments.

Some of the reports took place less than three days ago. Hayden said he received a MMR vaccine within three days of exposure may prevent or reduce the severity of the disease.

"For the majority of people who may have come into contact with confirmed cases, it is too late to take prophylactic action and we ask them to follow the symptoms," said a release from VCH.

"If you develop symptoms … contact your healthcare provider."

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