Saturday , January 16 2021

State plans to kill Chamisa – MDC road accidents

From Nosana Naminini

MDC has accused the state of planning to kill President Nelson Chamisa through a traffic accident scene involving the opposition leader.

Party spokesman Jacob Mafume said on Monday that suspected state security agents were now in the habit of keeping the apartheid-style surveillance in Chamisa and trying to block his moves to try to cause road accidents.

"It is scary that surveillance is done in a way that jeopardizes the life of the President," Maze told reporters at the MDC headquarters on Monday.

"They watch his motorcycle at extremely high speeds, interfere with the vehicles of his truck and sometimes almost run him off the road to a flagrant violation of road rules.

"We are confident that the intention is to cause an accident and then blame the drivers of negligence."

Chamisa has reportedly survived the attempted abduction of some state security agencies in scenes that Monica Mutsvangwa, the minister of information and publicity, later dismissed as the culmination of "road rage," in which the opposition leader and other road users participated.

The incident happened just as Chamisa returned from the Marondera rally where he had approached thousands of party supporters.

Media reports said on Monday that the Chamisa report and her aides were reported as perpetrators.

Mafoum said that this was a feature of a state that is often too quick to find fault with the victims of violence, as opposed to Zanou PF-related actors.

"On 1 August 2018, when innocent civilians were violently killed by soldiers on the streets of Harare, we all realized that even the innocent ordinary Zimbabwe are not safe under this so-called new order," he said.

"It is interesting that the victims end up being accused of having died. In the present case, there is a ridiculous and almost comical attempt to accuse President Chamisa of watching and almost kidnapping him.

"Now they want to charge the victim."

In an effort to blame Chamisa for his own misfortune, Mafume said, Minister Mutsvangwa misled the nation and was "malicious" and immediately attempted to "influence police research in a specific direction of charging the victim rather than the perpetrators."

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