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Monday 5 November 2018 at 08:50 GMT +3


Water Rooney [Courtesy]

Peter Silton accused the Football Association of "awarding funds" after Wayne Rooney was given a farewell to Wembley.

The legend of the three lions, Shilton, who always holds a record of 125 titles in England, says he is "shocked" by the decision and thinks it's a big mistake that will also steal a young player's place.

England's former England champion Rooney, 33, will get a 120th captain and an opportunity to say good-bye to the US on November 16th, but the move has grave criticism of the devaluation of the game's price for England.

Silton, 69, told Mirror Sport: "I was overwhelmed when I read it and I'm still struggling to figure out the decision. It's been two years since the last time Wayne played, England is on a new backyard and just had a big World Cup, but it goes back with it.

Rooney will receive the 120th cap and the opportunity to say goodbye against USA on 16 November [Courtesy]

"This does not mean that Wayne does not deserve a tribute, but gives him a presentation, not only giving away the caps that are wrong and also denying a young player an opportunity as well.

"I do not agree at all with this, it should be the biggest honor and reward for your country, but the reality is that the MLS is nowhere near the same level as the Premier League.

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"Wayne Rooney finished with England, Gareth Southgate went ahead and I do not agree at all with this. To really give him a game in what is a good international England is totally wrong, in my opinion."

England boss Southgate will name Rooney in his team on Thursday for the US game and National League international crisis with Croatia three days later.

Rooney will not be a captain but will train with the team, coming as a late substitute against the US and the proceeds will go to his charity with the game now called The Wayne Rooney Foundation International.

However, as Shilton points out, he risks devaluing the importance of the funds and Premier League coaches can rightly claim that if FA no longer gets friendly friends seriously, then why should it?

He has caused a reaction, despite Rooney claiming it would be a "very special" moment to invite him back to Wembley for a brilliant fight in England.

Manchester United's former star, Rooney, now in DC United, said: "I am really humble and extremely excited to play for England in Wembley again. I would like to thank Gareth Southgate and The FA to invite me to help support the Foundation in the process.

"The game for England was the greatest honor of my career – winning my 120th and my final cap will be a special moment for me. It is logical that the fight will be against the US and I hope that both teams will enjoy the game.

"I was very impressed by the progress of this new England team and I hope that while I am with the team I can convey some of my experience." Trying to help others is my special focus now through my Foundation.

"I was lucky to enjoy a long and successful career, with many people helping me achieve my dreams. The Foundation allows me to give something back to four charities, all of which are extremely important."

Southgate said: "The relationship between FA and former England footballers is something that has always been very important to me.

"Recognizing the legacy of the Three Lions was an important part of our journey with this group of young players and Wayne Rooney is an extremely important part of this story.

"This tribute to Wayne is a unique opportunity that matches our goal.

"We are fortunate that the circumstances allowed us to formally recognize Wayne's huge contribution to England in front of the Wembley crowd and against the right opponents, given the recent impact he has made on the MLS.

"We all look forward to the opportunity and we support several good causes through the Wayne Rooney Foundation."


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