Sunday , June 13 2021

Pete Davidson of SNL addresses his split with Ariana Grande

On Saturday night live cast casts usually leave their lives constantly away from the set, but Pete Davidson has been unable to resist the debate about his military relationship and engagement with pop star Ariana Grande in recent months.

This also makes it difficult for them to avoid their next dissolution.

Davidson stopped SNLWeekend Update on Saturday to discuss the upcoming US mid-term elections.

"[They’re] obviously a huge deal and having to go back with my mom, I started watching them, "he joked.

The comedian got jokes about some of the contenders held for Congress on Tuesday, but he turned back to the split from the Grande.

"The truth is that it is not anyone's job," he said. "Sometimes things just do not work out.

"He is a wonderful, powerful person and I wish him all the happiness in the world."

Davidson was not the only one who publicly discussed his dissolution on Saturday. Less than an hour before SNL episode released, Grande released a new single called "Thanks U, Next" (above), which expressed her gratitude to her exes and discussed the collapse of her commitment to Davidson.

Having seen the offer SNL clip, Grande wrote in a deleted from the tweet: "for someone who claims to hate relativity u sure love cling to that huh".

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