Sunday , January 24 2021

Nigel Benn says Conor Benn’s son will only get better from here

Legendary “Dark Destroyer” Nigel Benn is extremely convinced that Conor Benn’s undefeated son will have his first boxing belt in the world this time next year, claiming that he will only improve from now on.

Ben returns from a year of inactivity caused by injuries and the COVID-19 pandemic when he fights with Sebastian Formella on Nov. 21 at the SSE Arena in Wembley. The match will now be the main event after the postponement of Dillian Whyte against Alexander Povetkin II.

Formella’s fight with Germany is considered by many to be junior Benn’s first flirtation with the level of the world championship. Formella’s last fight was a decision defeat to former welterweight champion IBF Shawn Porter in August.

And in an interview with My Betting Sites, his father – a former super middleweight champion and one of the largest British boxing households – returned to performance critics before the 24-year-old was locked up.

“Just because the Frenchman (Cedrick Peynaud) fell to him twice, they feel that Conor is a bit Chinese,” said The Dark Destroyer.

“I fell for Anthony Logan, by Michael Watson, I fell for Eubanks 30 years ago. But who voted in the Hall of Fame, who voted the best WBC middleweight along Calzaghe?

“I put my back, but I still went there and I did it. And I think Conor can do exactly the same thing.”

Elder Ben then made a bold prediction, adding: “By the time he is 25 he will be a world champion or on the right track because then you will start to get the strength of man. He will have full strength of men when he is 25 and it will start hitting people. “

The Londoner turns 25 on September 28, 2021. This gives him less than a year to do well in his father’s prediction and at least be in the image of the world title.

A victory over Formella followed by two more victories against competitors in the first half of next year could put the prospect in serious controversy over his birthday.

One of the names likely to be between “The Destroyer” and a world title shot is domestic rival Josh “Pretty Boy” Kelly.

Nigel Benn noted that despite the fact that both fighters are young, his son receives much more criticism than Kelly.

He continued: “When Josh Kelly came out in New York no one said anything about it, but you want to jump on my son – who is doing very well and has only had 20 amateur races.

“It has a genealogical character. Not so Josh Kelly who had over 200 amateur fights. Conor learns his trade.

“If Conor fought like Kelly, I would tell him ‘Conor, you have to go give the belt to the other man, win this fight.’

It’s a fight that the retired Hall of Famer is sure to happen, maybe even early next year.

“I see Kelly fighting Conor,” Nigel said, “and for his sake sooner rather than later. He has good movement, but if you can’t hit people, that’s it.”

“When you fight guys who don’t want to hit back, you can do all the fancy things, but when you have someone like Conor who can hit back, it’s completely different.

“It will be a big fight and I can’t wait for that.”

Benn vs. Formella will be broadcast live on November 21 on Sky Sports in the UK and on DAZN in all nine DAZN markets including the USA

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