Saturday , June 19 2021

New Baba Harare project on cards

While the contemporary Braveman "Baba Harare" Chizvino (depicted) enjoys the success of the mega hit The Reason Why from the debut album Minamato Yarasta, a mammoth work is ahead and his extensive prayer now is that the next 10-track Ramba Wakadzvanya a project, to be launched in January, will respond to the hype.

With Kennedy Niavaia

Some will argue that Baba Harare had an easy transition to fame, taking such a big song from his second album, but the blast is one thing, the real dream of every rising artist is to keep going up and the bassist is no exception.

In an interview with The Standard Style, the product of the third-generation band Jah Prayzah, described the title of the third album under his belt as being so self-confident and encouraging his fans to continue doing what makes them succeed in any field.

"It is encouraging that whatever they do, they should continue to push as I do, because I do not plan to leave my influence," he said.

Produced by Maselo, the work will include Zimdancehall prodigies Jah Signal and Enzo Ishall, but his faith in the work is not within the names mentioned above, probably in the skies.

"The problem with most artists is to think that their music sounds because they are very good, it is all God because all we can do is work, not change the profitable guy and then let it go. "He," he said.

"That made my song a success and how it would continue to happen in future works." Artists should not change what they are doing because of someone else's or follow-ups, they just have to find where they are comfortable.

After the show of last week's camel in Jah Prayzah's former curator's show, which seemed to neutralize the guess that the two were in a collision course, Baba Harare reiterated that any such idea was a symbol of those who did not know their relationship .

"Some people have created competition in their minds, but we are not in competition, though we can not prevent people from saying what they want," he said, despite his sharp exit from the band in 2016 leaving JP Studios at six and seven decision.

The only water now under the bridge is thanks to the fans that Baba Harare feels obliged to accept that he had left the shadow of JP.

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