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Daahyeh delivers for his favorite supporters at the Albany Stakes at Royal Ascot

Daahyeh rewards favorite fans and gave David Egan the first winner of the Royal Ascot with a win at Albany Stakes.

Roger Varian's brawl made an impressive scorer at the Newmarket race debut last month – and this form gained a significant boost Thursday after Raffle's award at Queen Mary Stakes.

Daahyeh was the market leader 4-1 for the group of three teams and then the mid-way trip, advanced forward races within the last two squares.

The Irish Celtic Beauty challenger of Ken Condon soon appeared to make a real race, but the further Daahyeh went the better he looked and was good at the top in the finish – passing the length and half in the good.

The undefeated 100-1 shot Aroha scored the best of those who ran to the edge of the track in third place.

Varian said: "It was good for the debut and the form got up. She has always worked as if she was really nice and it was nice to see her do it that way.

"I think we will be second with half triangle to run.This is the first time it is in a fragment and took a few steps to penny to fall – the line is a good winner. 6-furlong) trip very well.

"I will speak to the rider and will dig with the owners, but it is very promising and looks very good.

"It seems to be seven kilometers behind her back – whether we have to go seven, I do not know, but it took the trip really well."

He added: "He is the first winner of David's Royal Ascot, makes a good step and has a good head on his shoulders. He is one of the best young riders.

"It is not yet the final article and knows it, but it has not made many mistakes.

"We are grateful to the owners, they were loyal as they started their first time."

Egan said: "It's a big step in my career and I would like to thank everyone who helped me at this point. I'm really emotional and I do not usually do that.

"That's what I've worked hard for all my life and it's great to get to these big days.

"I was happy to have got myself in a good position and as soon as I came close I saw things were getting tight in front of me and I was about to take it back but I pulled it abroad in time to get it.

"He had to fight in the final furlong, but when he turned his whip, he took me back and hit the line strong. It's a very nice fillet, I think this (above the title of the apprentice champion) will be at the top."

Connton said about Celtic Beauty: "We were very pleased that for a minute we had a lot of excitement when it fell short on the front, but Billy (Lee) said she was probably hit by a very good kiss.

"She is a very smart bride on her own and has come forward with every round. She is quite descriptive in her homework, but her husband is very good.

"The soil dryer helped her, if it was drier, it may have lasted longer but has a lot of pace and physical capacity." Unfortunately, he did not stay at home, but he ran with great faith.

"There are a lot of choices I'm not sure yet where they will go but they will be in all the nice races – Morny and Cheveley Park later in the season and in the Phoenix Stakes.

"We'll see how this works, but I think there's plenty to come from."

Brian Meehan, third trainer Aroha, said: "The goal was to come here, so we stuck in our guns. I'm really glad to have because we can design a great campaign for it now.

"I think if she was on this close side she would have won, it's been a month since she's running, so we'll keep going with her." The Duchess of Cambridge will probably be very soon for her, but we will see.

"Lowther will be the fight that comes to my mind and then Cheveley Park, which does not need much more.

"It may be small, but it has the biggest heart."

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