Wednesday , October 20 2021

Anthony Martial begins to thrive when Utd man learns from Jose Mourinho's mistakes


T.the most important thing is that Martial is just 22. Although comparisons will remember Mourinho, it seems United has looked at the previous one. Kevin De Bruin left Chelsea under Mourinho, like Muhammad Salah, originally borrowed. Both were similar to the Martial era, but Mourinho wanted players to try. Martial could be equivalent to United if he left and there would be no clubs, not just Spurs, after him.

With 5 goals in six races, Martial has a much better performance. Perhaps Mourinho's approach has worked, although it seems to have softened his stance.

"It has been a tough job with people like Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial, for example, because for those talented players who come to the level it is a process," said Mourinho, which is perhaps part of an awareness that he is not she's going to catch Manchester City like anytime soon. "Turning talent into professional players, stability, performance is a tough job, so it's rebuilt, yes."

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