Wednesday , April 14 2021

Why did he suddenly find Bale at Tottenham again?

Bale practices the habits of a striker

In theory, Bale is still the right striker in Tottenham’s starting line-up. However, the Welsh striker ‘s habits change as he moves regularly in the middle, acting as an attacker.

In the photo below with the 4-0 victory over Burnley, Sean Hong-min keeps the ball on the left side, Lucas Moura and Bale prepare to enter the penalty area and the real striker Harry Kane is behind.

Bale silently entered the penalty area from the right side

As his main role, Kane of course had to move into the penalty area. But before he could touch the ball, Bale scored. Pay attention to Mouras, he is still waiting outside to catch the opponent’s attention.

He cleverly intercepts the score for Kane

This method of operation can only be successful when the right back can manage the length of its aisle so that the attacker and the wing stick together to support the goal goal. With Son in the same direction as Bale on the opposite side, the Spurs must be very careful when using this feature.

The role of the wing has not diminished

Although he finds a way to move more often in the opponent’s penalty area, for the rest of the game, Bale still plays the role of a clean winger. Its average touch map makes it clear.

Bale's average ball touch map

In a Mourinho team, each player must play 200% of the time. But Bale is not the type of winger who is ready to take part in any dispute, or chase the opponent all the time. What is good and what Mourinho needs is the ability to change situations.

Still in the game with Burnley, in the 11th minute, Bale returned to the bottom of the house to recover the ball. And in the attitude of his opponent, his value is shown.

Bale took a deep step back to get the ball ...

The Real Madrid player suddenly fell terribly, surpassing the opponent’s left Charlie Taylor …

... then use speed to overtake the opponent

… before passing it to Kane and then to Son, creating a 3 in 2 stop.

Bale created a 3 to 2 stop for Tottenham

Not many players in the world can do that. “It’s not just the goals,” Mourinho said. “Bale’s value lies in the change of direction, the change in the speed of the game and the 1 vs 1 victory.”

To be able to do this kind of ball, Bale needs a lot of strength. Mourinho himself admitted that at the moment, Bale can not play 2 games / week. So before he can force the team to build around their style of play, Bale can still blow up the game.

Bale still has creative and final skills

The second goal against Burnley was similar to the goal against Wolfsberger in the second half of the Europa League 1/16 round, Bale was paid for persistence to stick to the right wing. The opponent’s defenders were absorbed to the left in the direction of Tottenham’s attack, continuing to be chaotic by the Vincius movement, thus opening a huge space for Bale.

Bale takes advantage of his teammates' moves

In the first leg with Wolfsberger, Bale used speed to overtake the defenders and catch Doherty’s slit.

Bale moved to catch the way to push the slot machine

Taking the intention of this phase is a key skill, nothing worth discussing at this level. But the way Bale broke the ball lost the defender was very aristocratic.

Bale handled it perfectly before scoring

After that, without a second’s delay, he shot straight to the edge to block Wolfsberger’s goalkeeper.

Having a cold finish in front of the opponent’s goal, Bale is also very good at creating opportunities for his teammates to score. In the first half against Wolfsberger, Bale’s low pass helped Son to throw the corkscrew.

Spurs’ only goal in the 1-2 defeat by West Ham also featured Bale’s shoe. Coming to the opening of the ball for Harry Kane with a 4-0 victory over Burnley was the highlight, Bale’s vision and legs were perfect with a passage of more than 60 meters.

Of course, not all opponents are as weak as Wolfsberger or Burnley and reveal a lot of room for Tottenham. Bale needs to contribute more to ballless situations to persuade Mourinho to give himself a long-term lead.

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