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Want to prevent Huawei from earning money from patents, the US is unfair competition – DVO

One of Huawei's strategies to deal with the US and its US companies is to ask US companies to use their technology to pay royalties.

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Huawei has a huge number of patents for attacking American carriers.

For a long time, Huawei has not been particularly active in the use of legal intellectual property interventions. However, the company may change its position due to continued political pressure from Washington. The shock of the trade confrontation and the ban on Donald Tromm's government boycotting Huawei from the United States really made the Chinese technological giant not to ignore this strategy.

Companies such as Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia will help build mobile network architecture through standardized groups that allow smartphones to communicate with networks.

During construction, these companies create technologies that are critical to 4G or 5G standards. Huawei has acquired more than 69,000 patents worldwide, from data transfer to network traffic management. The Chinese telecoms technology company has the largest patent portfolio for 5G – about 1,554 SEP – leading to Nokia, Samsung and LG Electronics.

Last week, Huawei asked Verizon to pay $ 1 billion in more than 230 Huawei inventions. These inventions include both basic network equipment and IoT technology.

Verizon may not be the only company that Huawei targets. Huawei CEO Nham Chinh Phi said the company will demand rights from many other companies.

Prior to the arrival of Huawei, US Senator Marco Rubio recently submitted a bill to prevent Huawei from appealing to US and US network operators.

As a result, the US government watch list companies – in this case Huawei – will "no longer be able to seek legal support from America for patent licensing." ".

This means that even on Huawei's – Verizon's ability not to negotiate a $ 1 billion dispute over patent litigation, Huawei vs. Verizon, the company will not be accepted by the US court.

The probability that this law will be passed to the US Congress is difficult to say.

Nham Chinh Phi said in a statement that if Mr Rubio's allegiance was adopted, the image of the United States – a legitimate country – would be harmed.

Meanwhile, Robert Mattson, a US-based copyright lawyer, told CNBC that if Congress does not make amendments, intellectual property disputes will continue to be enforced by the US court. normal operation.

"If no Congress law is issued on this issue, the US federal court will continue to receive complaints about Huawei patent infringement, like any other company," said Mattson, a lawyer.

Analyst at Relecura technology company, George Koomullil, said Huawei's patent claim reflects "the effort to figure out how to win profits from the US market, especially when companies have the traditional way of selling products" closed "with this business.

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