Vietnam meets the guest in the final


Having an interesting moment at RSN Stadium – Cambodia's most modern stadium, we heard a media official recognize the Southeast Asia U22 tournament here.

The finalists of Cambodia and Vietnam?

At this time, the regional youth tournament ended the team stage, preparing to enter the semifinals. There is a remarkable point, which is that the entire program initially started at the Cambodian National Olympic Stadium. But in the last match of Group B, due to intense competition, the organizers have left two races at the same time.

Therefore, the match between U22 Malaysia and U22 Myanmar was transferred to RSN Stadium – which is considered the most modern stadium in Cambodia. Because unlike most artificial football pitches, RSN Stadium is a natural field and home to Phnom Penh Crown FC – the country's most traditional rich club.

We exchanged with Mr. Haru, the team's communications staff, heard the judgments of the Southeast Asia U22 tournament. He said: "Vietnam is now over the region, reaching the continent, having made history with outstanding achievements last year. Vietnam is very strong right now and is the king of Southeast Asia.

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Mr. Haru – RSN Manager, identified the Southeast Asian U22 tournament

Not only you, but everyone in Southeast Asia is also proud of Vietnam. In my personal opinion at this U22 tournament, Cambodia will beat Thailand in the semifinals and will go to the final match. Of course, I also hope that my team will overtake Vietnam in the final. Wait and see who will be the championship team. "

With the results at the team stage, the U22 Vietnam will fight Indonesia U22 in the semifinals, then the confrontation between the U22 Cambodia and the Thai U22, to be held on February 24th. 2 days later will be the championship match and 3-4. How luxurious is the U22 Vietnam hotel?
Let's learn about the life of a player by visiting the hotel U22 Vietnam, a very modern, comfortable … This is hot, you just want to quit and get into the pool like U22 Vietnam
At the end of the first phase with the first person, Tuan Tuan's teachers and students will have 2 days away. Today 22/2, U22 Vietnam Tel swims at the hotel to recover physical strength. Trung and Hoang Nam could not run at U22
In the practice of U22 Vietnam on February 22, the players just started gently and relaxed in the pool. Follow the pictures below.

Trong Hieu – from Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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