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Trieu Le Tinh was suddenly named in the drama Hoa Than Vu has a secret child, revealing even an accurate photo

The drama Hoa Than Vu unexpectedly has a child with Truong Bich Than has more exciting circumstances. A blogger named “Thieu Nien An Dua” found Truong Bich Than’s old posts in late 2018 – when she was pregnant. Another character who suddenly appeared and “shouted” more during this period was Trieu Le Dinh – a close friend of Truong Bich Than in the entertainment industry.

Trieu Le Tinh was suddenly named in the drama Hoa Than Vu secretly had a child, he even revealed an exact photo - Photo 2.

According to the blogger, during her pregnancy, Truong Bich Than had articles with words that show that she was in a period of instability: “I do not know what to expect in the future, but human life is asceticism. Only one thing remains fixed, I do not want to cause distractions to others. “On October 16, 2018, Truong Bich Than posted a photo to congratulate Trieu Le Dinh on his birthday with the hidden message:” Thank you for covering my long chin. According to fan analysis, it is possible that the two met during this period, the actress Trieu is fully aware of the “heavenly secret” that Truong Bich Than has been trying to hide for more than 2 years.

Photo of Truong Bich Than congratulating Trieu Le Dinh on her birthday while she was pregnant

In particular, this is also the moment when Trieu Le Dinh was pregnant with Phung Thieu Phong, but did not reveal information to fans. Upon his birthday, Pung Tae Fong confirmed that the two were married. Therefore, it can be said that Trieu Le Dinh and Truong Bich Than’s best friend became pregnant at the same time.

Looking back at the photos of the two pregnant women that day, netizens are now scared to realize the difference. The Phung family amateurs revealed a round face, an enlarged nose and also limited her makeup. Meanwhile, Truong Bich Than also seems to have grown significantly.

In another development, Sina’s website suddenly re-used rare images when Truong Bich Than was pregnant. The second round of the actress is clearly visible, she is currently rehearsing before the big show. The question is, with these obvious moments, Hoa Than Vu does not really know that your girlfriend is pregnant or not?

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