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Tuesday, 06/11/2018 6:41 PM (GMT + 7)

Run the blue 80B fake car, turn the lights on, whistle whistle priority causing rioting road, the deputy director of the apartment was fined tens of millions.

Incidentally, the driver of the 80B green car launch on Saigon - 1

The 80B marine green car was propelled by Mr. Thanh's steady whistle

On the afternoon of 6 November, the source of the journalist, the police station of the CSGT police in area 2, the city of Ho Chi Minh, issued a decision to punish Mr Dao Minh Thanh for violations such as non-registration, no inspection, no. Insurance, vehicles that have no priority but are installed with priority marks, repeatedly horn in the residential area … with a total fine of 14.7 million Euros.

Mr. Thanh is the driver of the green car 80B-3758 fake, whistling blowing, causing chaos in area 2, causing many people to urgently.

Incidentally, the 80B Green Launch Guide to Sai Gon - 2

When it comes to a real estate company, people in the car go down in

Before that, on the evening of October 20, Mr. Thanh drove the car with a green license number 80B-3758 fake traffic to the Nguyen Duy Trinh, Le Van Thinh … in the area of ​​area 2. On the street, keep the lights Turn on left whistle, push left to run at very fast speed. Many people are in a hurry to take their place, because everyone believes the blue car uses priority to go to an emergency task. Seeing children in the car, many believe it is likely that the car can carry people to the hospital's emergency hospital 2.

However, when it reached the 28th Street (Cat Lai Ward, District 2), the car stopped in front of a real estate company. The people in the car reached the bell and entered the house.

The incident was recorded by the people posted on the internet. The authorities then began to verify, locating the car in the blue sea as a fake.

In cooperation with the police, Dao Minh Thanh accused the siren of causing … his children.

According to District 2 police, Thanh initially recognized the rental of a woman's car in area 2. By working with the female car owner, she could not also produce documents about the vehicle violating the above.

"The car with the license plate 80B-3758 is still being held by police in area 2 to verify the source," the source said.

It is known that Mr. Thanh is the Deputy Director of the Duc Khai Resettlement Division (District 2 Service Co, Ltd.).

Representing driver drivers blue car 80B fake priority whistle, journalists on the road

Inviting the car 80B green alias, the police have verified its priority with respect to the streets of Saigon …


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