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The culprit must be resolved

(Justice) – Chairman of the People's Committee of the HCMC Ho Chi Minh Nguyen Thanh Phong and Citizen Reception Head Nguyen Hong Diep together with the representatives of the operational organizations hosted the reception of citizens, 1483 / TB-TTCP dated 04/9/2018 Government Inspection.

To meet the promises of households on earth Thu Thiem new urban areaIn the morning of 14 November, Ho Chi Minh Nguyen Thanh Phong and the Citizens' reception head Nguyen Hong Diep, together with representatives of the operational organizations, hosted the reception of citizens on the implementation of Communication no. 1483 / TB-TTCP dated 04/9/2018 of the Government Inspection.

Thu Thiem New urban area: Land violations will have to be resolved

Nguyen Hong Diep, Citizen Reception Center Head, mobilized the citizens before the meeting

Do not browse, do not be bad

This is the third time the households have houses in three chambers are: a Loi Dong, Thu Thiem and An Khanh, so that the security and order of the District Center for Political Encouragement 2 is tighter than twice before. In the main room, only two press offices are allowed to work directly, while the other press correspondents have to work through the screen. In case they want to enter the press area above the first floor, journalists must present the journalists' card three times, the referral for the security force.

Thu Thiem New urban area: Land violations will have to be resolved

Although the public reception, but the guy has to work indirectly through the screen.

Contrary to the previous two visits, the content of this speech of household representatives went directly into the problem of the non-common voice between the city authorities. Ho Chi Minh City and 115 households in Thu Thiem's ​​New Urban Area. Many retirees have sincerely proposed the People's Committee Chairman. The city of Ho Chi Minh is not based on illegal administrative decisions to explain the population.

According to many, the congestion of the new Thu Thiem urban area is only clarified when citizens and management bodies meet, in accordance with the spirit of the recent Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet's decision 367 / TTg. This is also the dream of a series of retirees, it is the goal of the party committee, the committee of folk cities. Ho Chi Minh city with urban civilized, literate criteria.

If the leadership of this term continues to be based on a series of decisions contrary to the spirit of 367 / TTg, the Thu Thiem new urban area is never a successful model. The reason is that after more than 22 years, a series of violations on planning, the principle of land reclamation, coercion, land allocation for a number of businesses in 160 hectares of resettlement land, … is still the pain, an urgent need of goods. Thousands of households.

The pain sometimes doubles, as many real estate projects in Thu Thiem's ​​new urban area has offered for sale at 350 million / m2 The land formerly owned by the people has been replaced in the form of BT investments.

On behalf of the households, Ms. Tran Thi My, a senior revolutionary director, reflected the issues that Thu Thiem's ​​inhabitants suffered quietly in new urban areas.

Many households have also sincerely said that: because the bad guys have made households retired, the families with commendable services in the revolution have been hit, even the Thu Thiem village. Hanoi has 115 households who have many years to protest, .

According to the people here, the response of Mr. Le Quang Hung, Deputy Minister of Construction on the planning principle is not appropriate, because the decision of the People's City Committee. Ho Chi Minh refers only to the core of the new Thu Thiem urban area, the 160-seat resettlement area under the authority of the Prime Minister, and not under the authority of Le Thanh Hai when he is chairman of Laiki Ho Chi Minh City Committee. Therefore, they had to return 160 hectares of land with full infrastructure, so that people here have stable housing, better than the old position as a policy of the City Committee. Ho Chi Minh.

Ensure truth and consensus

Support policies such as "firefighting" and a series of "light" documents have been analyzed by many citizens with the desire to chair the People's City Committee. Ho Chi Minh understand correctly, fully understand the policy to solve the right speech.

Thu Thiem New urban area: Land violations will have to be resolved

After 22 years, thousands of households are still waiting for justice in Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

Hundreds of households have filed complaints and complaints exceeding the above-mentioned levels. The city of Ho Chi Minh has the right solution. As there are non-design households, as well as households located in the core of the new Thu Thiem urban area, but have no right to compensation, support and resettlement in accordance with the law. The truth of the new Thu Thiem urban area must be ensured in accordance with the spirit of the party committee resolution. Ho Chi Minh City, according to the history of housing changes in area 2, according to the law, is feasible in practice.

Decision No. 1997 / Q-UB, dated 10/5/2002 of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee on the recovery and delivery of more than 621ha of land in Thu Thiem New Urban is not in accordance with the law. He was elected by several sections of the Citizens Committee of the City. This is allowed by the Prime Minister in document no. 190 / CP-NN dated 22/02/2002, which is also untrue, inaccurate and incompatible with the law on the organization of the government.

The nature of the new Thu Thiem urban area, although partially clarified in Communication No. 1483 / TB-TTCP by Deputy Inspector General of the Dang Cong Hue Government on September 4, Retirement is present at the citizens meeting, this new "mobile part of the iceberg." As a result, many households have proposed the President of the People's City Committee. The Ho Chi Minh City honestly spoke with the Prime Minister about issues beyond power, the feedback of people in region 2 after three meetings with citizens so that the Prime Minister had written guidelines for the foundation of Thanh H interdisciplinary approach clarifies all other issues.

The ambitions of many veterans, revolutionary executives are the desire to be along with the city government. Ho Chi Minh unified the common voice, a general will, to resolutely resolve complaints and complaints relating to property and land of people.

Complaints and complaints that have arisen since 2004 to date, mainly related to planning and resettlement policy, and some inadequacies that local populations consider to be unsatisfactory, violate land law regulations. As for the complaints and complaints of the Thu Thiem people, for a long time, the Government Inspectorate has produced 4 reports, while the ministries have a number of proposals to resolve.

In particular, the prime minister asked 15 times the chairman of the People's City Committee. Ho Chi Minh City settled the complaint of the citizen Vu Huy Hoang about the land 2.223 m2 In Thu Thiem new urban area, but local authorities still have reason to fear routing, fear correction, do not apply guidance.

Only with Communication No. 1483 / TB-TTCP of September 4, Government inspection publicly announced, the new authorities began to implement plans to solve the fundamental problems of the new Thu Thiem urban area. Events President of the HCMC People's Committee The city of Ho Chi Minh hosted with the Central Citizenship Council to hold three citizen reception sessions, while the Secretary of the Civic Party Committee. The city of Ho Chi Minh has also drafted highly specialized agencies for the full review of petitions, complaints and complaints by citizens in area 2, while the government is also reviewing the same ministries to verify the law. The resettlement area of ​​the new Thu Thiem urban area … is a good message for people in the coming season.

At the meeting with citizens, Nguyen Hong Diep, the head of the Nguyen National People's Reception Commission, said that the concern of the people for many years was the Prime Minister's interest, initially the Government Inspectorate made it clear that the People's Committee. The city of Ho Chi Minh began to implement plans to resolve complaints and complaints. Old issues should be nice, consensual, even forgotten, because the process of applying Thu Thiem new urban area through multi-stage, complex nature.

The view is to ensure the life of the people in the process of implementing the direction of the Prime Minister, the recommendations of the government inspection in the spirit of looking straight to the truth in order to have the right solution is the most effective apology at the end of 2018. The city Ho Chi Minh City has written specific missions to the services to fully review all complaints and complaints of people in the new Thu Thiem urban area.

Meetings, Chairman of the People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh Nguyen Thanh Phong thanked everyone's comments. The head of the city government wishes to take the cooperation of the people to have solutions to treat the harmony between organizations and individuals. Currently, the People's Committee. The city of Ho Chi Minh builds and concludes with new policies concerning their reintegration and support for households whose land has been retired or liquidated for any disadvantages due to past political inadequacies. Households are located outside planning boundaries, which in the near future the 115 households will be referred to the opinion of the Standing Committee of the City. Ho Chi Minh.

In the implementation, the contents under the authority will be the Popular People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh City actively, focusing on the best possible solution, even the handling of organizations and individuals is wrong. Content beyond power, the People's Committee. The city of Ho Chi Minh will propose and propose to the government and the prime minister the policy of settlement in order to safeguard legitimate interests and stabilize the lives of people whose land has recovered to stop gradually. Long-term complaints, surpassing the level, creating the conditions for further construction and development of the Thu Thiem urban area in particular and of the city. Ho Chi Minh in general.

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