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Surprised because I read flawlessly, I write flawlessly after six months

On receiving the news that he got a score of 10 in Vietnamese, Quang Thach, 37, was shocked that a few months ago he thought “I do not know when I can read or write”.

Going to a parent-teacher meeting after his child completed the first semester of elementary school, Mr. Quang Thach, in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, was excited that his son was on the Maths and Language team with 9-10 points. Vietnam. The class has 36 students, 30 students achieve such achievements. Only 6 children reached 7-8, none of them under 7 years old.

Before that, Mr. Thach was very happy when he read the words in the book Canh Kite, he could read the long reading exercises in the second book he had not learned. Try to read a sentence for your child to write, he is surprised that he can write small letters and quite quickly, although it is not beautiful. The fact that he could read and write fluently after just 4 months in grade 1 surprised his father because he was worried about the negative information about the new program and the book.

At the end of September 2020, many parents shared a “headache” when they found that the curriculum was too heavy, their children could not continue. Shortly afterwards, a number of “hotels” were identified in textbooks, especially 1st grade Vietnamese books. I also study Canh Kite’s book at school. I myself teach them to learn at home, he is criticized for being different from the teacher, while I have never learned words in kindergarten, Mr. Thach does not know how. Concerned that he would not be able to read and write fluently at the end of grade 1, he sent his child to an out-of-school teacher, four times a week.

After learning two sessions, the son returned home complaining “I’m afraid to go to school”, the father had to leave. “At the time, I thought about it, so it’s not a good way for them to be afraid to study,” Thach said. By November 2020, Mr. Thach saw his child get to his lessons quickly. Even in the classroom, children are instructed to study together and support a friend later. He began to feel safe and believed in his child’s ability to read and write after 1st grade.

“The teacher is so good,” Mr Thach said, hoping that in the second semester, the teacher would accompany him to write clearer and more beautiful words.

Class 1 students at Bich Son Elementary School (Viet Yen District, Bac Giang) during the Vietnam class on the morning of January 19th.  Photo: Duong Tam.

Class 1 students at Bich Son Elementary School (Viet Yen District, Bac Giang) during the Vietnam Classroom on the morning of January 19th. Image: Duong Tam.

Ngoc Linh, 37, from Hoang Mai district in Hanoi, was clearly surprised to receive her daughter’s first-half results of 9th and 10th in Vietnam and Mathematics. “If you look at your ability to absorb the first few days of the year, no one thinks you can read and understand a paragraph that is almost half a page long,” Linh said.

When her daughter entered grade 1, the Linh family moved from the South to Hanoi. She and her husband have to move in at the same time, guiding and caring for their 5-year-old eldest daughter, the second child to enter grade 1 with a boy over 1 year old. In the early days, Ms. Lynch often received messages from the teacher asking her family to keep up with her first-grade daughter because of her secondment. The mother was “shocked” saying that the curriculum and textbooks were heavier than before. You have to get used to a lot of new things.

The amount of free overnight stays for the baby is smaller, instead they have to spend more time teaching reading and writing. “But teaching forever, but my child is learning slowly. At that moment I really thought that maybe I should send my children to classes before I hope to read, write and keep up with you,” Ms. Linh said. However, her husband encouraged her not to be impatient, coordinated with the teacher to teach her children and then wait for the end of the term I will see.

The first surprise came to Mrs. Linh in mid-December 2020 when she read about the nameplate and brand at the same time she went to the supermarket. She was excited, bought more stories for her children to read, and each week, she said she “finished reading” and asked for more. Gradually, the nights of “fighting” the learning words of both mother and child were reduced, instead, Lynch increased the time for children’s entertainment and fun.

When announcing the results of the first semester to the Linh family, the teacher also commented that her daughter was one of the most amazing students, because the pace was a bit slower than her friends, the first time she was “fighting”. “But she showed up at the final stage. ” Watching her closely and watching her progress, I’m really excited that she can read and write flawlessly in just a few months, ‘” Ms. Linh said.

Students at Vo Van Tan Elementary School, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City in the classroom on January 20th.  Photo: Le Nam

Students at Vo Van Tan Elementary School, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City in the classroom on January 20th. Image: Le Nam

Dang Thi Kim Chi, in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, also received positive results after her youngest daughter completed the first semester of grade 1. The mother admitted that when the school year started, she was as anxious as many women. Parents are afraid that children can not learn words. However, after learning and learning from the 4th grader, Chi said that the curriculum and textbooks really help children to be active and excited to learn.

“The youngest child learns words faster than his brother and calculates better. “It only takes 2 weeks to be surprised, then he learns the lesson well and is active while the previous one lasts almost two months,” he said.

The mother evaluated the new program faster than the old curriculum and textbook, but not heavier. Previously, she had to watch the book with her child, now she can connect to the internet to receive shared material or many good lectures in the form of slides posted for free on recognized school websites. If it is very difficult for the child to visualize, the mother opens the Youtube Kid for visual display.

Chi said many parents are concerned and interfere with teachers’ pedagogical experience, causing adverse effects, making children more stressful. In order for the child to achieve positive learning outcomes, the mother evaluates that the new teacher is the one who communicates systematically and knows and the parent’s duty is to teach and encourage the child’s learning.

Grade 1 students learn Vietnamese

Vietnamese Classroom for 1st Grade Students, Bich Son Elementary School (Viet Yen District, Bac Giang) Video: Duong Tam.

During the school year 2020-2021, students in grade 1 begin to learn a new general education curriculum and new textbooks. There are 5 sets of books approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, of which 4 sets of creative horizons, Learning together for skills development, Connecting knowledge with life, For equality and democracy in education Education Vietnam Publishing House. Specifically, the Canh Kite series was written by the Hanoi Pedagogical University Publishing House and the Ho Chi Minh University Pedagogical University Publishing House.

After a month of using new books, many parents and teachers rated teaching and learning Vietnamese as “heavier and more difficult” than the old program. Children are forced to memorize words and poems in a short time, leading to inefficient learning, causing stress. Multi-word books using local words and requirements are not suitable for children entering class 1.

A few days later, the Vietnamese textbook 1 set Canh Kite was controversial when it used myths, inappropriate translations and is said to “teach bad habits to students”. The Ministry of Education and Dao requested 5 sets of books to check and adapt inappropriate content, and the Canh Kite Custom Content was approved in late December 2020.

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