Wednesday , June 16 2021

Stock Analysis 12/11: Repeated failure risk before investors return to the market Securities

The primary trend is bearish (Decline)

The weak money, along with the cautious investor sentiment, caused the market to drop at the end of the session. The VN is approaching the SMA (10), indicating that the technical race is likely to end if tomorrow's session continues to decline. The basic trend is moderate. Therefore, investors have to limit disbursements and risk management priorities during this period.

Support to 100 SMA (Neutral)

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

In the weekly chart, the VN continues to receive support from the SMA100 line of 888-895 degrees. If the breaking point breaks, the market will probably move to a more negative position in the near future

Successful recovery (neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

Technically, the steep drop on Friday threatens the recovery of the rally from the bottom, if liquidity has not improved even in the downward trend, the market scenario has fallen sharply before it recovers. she's strong. In an optimistic scenario, the market could range in the support zone of 900 points – 915 points.

Next week will be pessimistic (Decrease)

(FPT Securities Company – FPTS)

In the banking, food and oil and gas sectors, there is a negative sign that the general trend is expected to be more pessimistic next week. Investors should be careful with short-term surfing decisions.

Continuous reduction (decrease)

(Saigon Securities Incorporation – SSI)

The index dropped below 915 support, so the downward momentum is likely to continue and range in the 900-925 scale over the next two trading sessions to determine the trend. Support limit 900 is an important level, if limit 900 does not hold, the index is likely to continue downward trend.

There is no reason for instability (neutral)

(Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation – HSC)

Regardless of the good business results of the third quarter, the domestic market is still affected by: low turnover, foreign sales and worries about the global economy. The earnings period has closed and is now approaching the end of the year. In the short term, HSC has seen no incentive to stabilize the market.

Alternative signal (neutral)

(Vietnam Values ​​SA – VNCS)

Friday's downward correction signaled a short-term correction, as the previous four sessions were swollen with liquidity. Technical labels also showed signs of selling pressure as the index closed under MA7 and the reversal of stochastic direction. With this development, the VNCS considered caution, avoiding bottom fishing, and even cutting part of the list of stocks that breached the risk indicator.

MA10 Support Limit (Neutral)

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

The short-term technical indices of the VN30 and HNX indices were shifted from neutral to negative with the next support being the closest curve at 870 and 100 points. Meanwhile, the short-term VN-Index has remained temporarily at the neutral level with the VHM effort. However, MA10 support for this indicator at 914 points can be questioned at the next session.

Recovery efforts are quick failures (neutral)

(Viet Dragon Securities Company – VDSC)

The weak currency and the negative impact of the global stock market caused the stock market to fall. Sales pressure was centered on large capital stocks. Recovery efforts fail quickly. The Midcap and Penny stocks were more positive as some stocks were acquired. Investors should limit short-term transactions due to market uncertainty at the moment.

The market became pessimistic (bearish)

(KIS Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company – KIS)

The market became pessimistic, with the correction trend coming back, selling pressure to large stocks. In short, systemic risk is increasing. Investors should continue to focus on risk management as adjustments remain dominant over time.

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