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Quynh Bûp Bê transmit only 10% of the truth of character fate

After about 5 months in the air with many problems in censorship of cinema content, Quynh Dolls Eventually the end of a series of events sank into the protagonist's life. Only a few episodes, as the audience has to break the life story of the injured girl, see the extreme pain that Quynh, Lan, My, and Dao have to suffer.

Quỳnh Búp Bê transferred only 10% of the character's fate - Photo 1.

Quynh Bau Be goes to the last episode and the tragedy lasted so long

We do not know how the end of the film will be so tragic, we know only now, movie crews, especially the writer Kim Ngan has to take on countless brick tiles because of the characters' fortune in the movie. carpet. However, if you know what's happening in the real world, it's only about 10% and it's done by the script writer's pen to make it less tragic for the characters. Quỳnh Búp Bê should be saddened to fall with stones to kick the crew.

Quynh Bûp Bê transmits only 10% of the characters' fate - Photo 2.

According to writer Kim Ngan, Quynh Bau Bê alone Charged about 10% of the truth of the squad girls playing in the script. The talented writer is interested in the 100% story of Quynh, Lan, Canh, etc. But if they do, they will Many people are overwhelmed to see images they can not imagine. Believe me, the 10% I chose to reduce is enough to satisfy the public and understand that some of the truths from society have not been exposed.

Quynh Bûp Bê transmit only 10% of the character's fate - Photo 3.

It turns out, what happens in the film is only about a tenth of the pain that the characters in real life must suffer

And there are so many terrifying and shocking stories that can hardly be brought to the audience, the stories that sound enough to make people hit. If on the film, Quynh (Phuong Oanh) despise the children who have to go to the clients, the lives of bad people, the bastard back to use all kinds of barbarians, the loss of human nature to force Quynh to do dirty things.

"I still remember the detail that Quynh sits on the bed, afraid to faint when right under her feet are three cobra trapped in the cage sprayed fat spread, headed up. One hand pushed his jaw: Are you taking visitors, if not, I remove the cage for the three boys sleeping with you tonight?

I heard Quynh said that the chicken skin. Several nights later, I was still awake when I dreamed the snakes sprayed under Quynh's feet. Women who are not afraid of snakes?

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What Quynh did in real life is even more horrible in the film

In the film, the life of Lan (Thanh Huong) sank into misery, causing the audience not to be a shame, but it was nothing compared to the story that Lan version of real life. The feeling of the birth of a child without his eyes is much more painful than a semi-circle on the screen. Well, the screenwriter tried hard in a more sincere story, but still human and suitable for the audience, is this effort worthless or not?

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In the movie Lan is crazy, so no longer tortured the future, in real life, Lan's life is still not peaceful

The painful truths in the film are still very soft compared to the underlying life of Quynh, My, Lan … But anyway, the tragedy is still inevitable from his life The character who has put the script in the film can not Adjust the back to "happy". After all, the fortune of Quynh, My Lan will be so tragic, waiting for answers to the final episode of the film at 21:00, Monday, Tuesday every week on VTV3.

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