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Professor GDCD was created by Fanpage students

The method of the "dependent" teacher Thuy

Although they have not learned or are exposed, but in Cam Binh high school students do not know the name "Thuy GDCD". Many student generations are advancing to the next generation of students to communicate with each other for their interesting lectures.

The most amazing thing is that it made students charm with the GDCD lessons. Many students often break down, but every day, Thuy is always present. See how you "stun" the method you like.

GDCD is considered by many students to be dry, many theories, but its lectures tend to educate pupils' skills and attitudes. Each lesson usually builds the story that students are the characters who handle the situation in it.

Life lessons are also embedded in it to add "spice" to help you choose content to remember more. These stories can be events that happen, or it can be a friend's story, even what you encounter on the street … But maybe the story most students remember is still the story of her life.

Besides, Thuy is considered by the students to be very humorous, witty. Always exchange, talk with students to create a sense of closeness, make you more open, no longer psychological "frightened" teachers anymore.

Thuy said, "The advantage of GDCD is that through the test you can understand the students' psychology. Although I am a teacher of the subject, I would like to understand them more to help them in their studies and life."

Thuy's shirt has nearly 4,000 visits.

Thuy's shirt has nearly 4,000 visits.

Since such tests help them to understand the personality and minds of the students. In many cases, he is too close to becoming a good student. Like you K.A. (student of course 2007 – 2010) due to special circumstances, KA is totally unacceptable, do not want to learn more sub-topics, such as GDCD. However, after just half a semester, A. Changed his attitude with the subject and also with life.

KA is also the fanpage manager "Thuy Lovers Association – GDC Cam Binh High School". Κ.Α. My teacher said to my jersey: "I was no longer a stubborn girl, so she had to watch her first grade and she did not have to write her own handwritten letter. The book of virtuous worship and red ink is just a past … I keep in my heart the memory of memories and I will remember forever! Thank you for a moment it was for me like that! "

The power of her life is the most practical lecture

What makes Thuy's students more admired and loved is the dynamics of her life. "Life is strong overcome the illness of the illness, the optimistic smile loves life, the loving heart full of love, its special" pupil "… is a brilliant example for classes Cam Binh follows," writes an old student for Thuy on facebook.

Many generations of students have devoted their love affairs to the fanpage at Thuy.

Many generations of students have devoted their love affairs to the fanpage at Thuy.

Almost 20 years in the profession, up to 20 years, has to deal with nephrotic syndrome. After waking up one night, he had swollen eyes and then swollen. He was diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis. After the treatment of her home, only after 2 years she suffered a relapse and became worse.

Due to long-term medication, it has some complications due to the side effects of drugs like osteoporosis, stomach pain, cataract …

Remember this time, Thuy said, "This is the most difficult time with me, but extremely memorable." During my 19-day treatment, there were 19 school teachers who, in turn, gave my care to my children. and my husband to cook for me.Parents also donated drugs, at hospital expenses. "

Each of her lessons is attractive to students in close and practical ways.

Each of her lessons is attractive to students in close and practical ways.

Having struggled with the illness, she was enthusiastic about participating in school activities and gaining high achievements. In 1998-1999, he earned the title of outstanding teacher at provincial level, having 5 consecutive years of experience in the 4th grade. Formal learning and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh City.

Since 1997 he has been elected to the trade union council, vice-president of the Syndicate. Since 2008, he is head of the GDCD. From 2012 until today, Secretary of the Department of Literature – Foreign Languages ​​- History – GDCD. In 2009, he was the teacher "good in water – care of the home" awarded by the provincial Labor Federation, the first prize in the district party secretariat competition.

Commenting on Thuy, teacher Nguyen Van Quang, Cam Binh High School Director, said: "Although her illness, but Thuy is always optimistic, love for life is the fire for teachers and schoolchildren. teaching part-time, achieved excellence. "

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