"I went to the first book and sat all the time"



The Vietnamese voice rookie of the first season Phuong My Chi is considered one of the most successful children's singers so far.

Phuong My Chi after 6 years in the showbiz has gradually become a young woman, she also has many noises during the teenage period, but now Phuong My Chi has become more mature and mature in her work. and life.

I went to the beginning of the lesson and sat down


For many years, Phuong My Chi has kept a good student record

6 years in showbiz, Phuong My Chi saw how he changed?

Probably thicker (laughs), taller, more beautiful and "stylish" because I have a bigger sister who always cares for her dress and makeup. There were times when they wore defective clothes because they tuned my clothes, not the stylist (laughter).

I also improved my skills to impress the audience.

What do you think about The Voice Kids 2013, because thanks to the program, the name Phuong My Chi is more popular with the public?

It was a huge turning point in my life. Thanks to The Voice Kids, I have a home for my family. I bought this house 5 years ago.

Do you have pressure when you are famous very soon?

The word that there is no pressure is not right, but any pressure will pass. Whatever has two sides, I have to exchange how to love the audience. I think how important it is to overcome pressure rather than thinking about what I suffer!

As for the scandals, unfairly unfair rumors, how do you react to these things?

I'm not too sad, I read and I forgot it!

But what is said so much, usually, the way I get dressed feels I have to rethink. If your people often follow you, we will see that you've tried to change a lot.

I found myself dressed better, invest more and be more just after I got the idea. Many girls who have small children often ask to ask the management to buy, I see that feedback is very positive from the audience!

When you look at friends of the same age, what are you different from?

Of course it is different. I'm "bigger" (laughing)! As I am more experienced, I can interact with more people than you, so the way I speak is different.

But in my class, I was still very social because I was the age myself after all, so I was "muddy" and "crazy" the same (laughter).

More specifically, how is my class "muddy"?

I went to the beginning of the course sitting nostalgically (laughs). A lot of things, eat disheveled, then there are many things that are horrible, as the time I play is not playing, but my classmates grumble and grumble.

As a "celebrity", do you know if your teachers pay special attention?

I do not know why there is no teacher to show it. I feel that when I entered the class for the first time, I did it, but it was gradually lost. I'm just as natural as you are, so the teachers are treating me normally.


Phuong My Chi tries to keep her familiar image in the public eye with folk music

Many big stars no longer have the same charm as before, are you afraid of this and how do you deal with this fear?

I also thought about it, but I should only do my best. I think I will try, the audience will see, karma will see and let me continue this artistic path.

In front of my eyes, I continue the music of my homeland. There are sometimes when I'm singing a new "music" game and publishing it on the internet, or even singing songs Winter lover With one go, I went to the tea room to see that everyone liked it. I find it interesting, but because I'm a singer singing the music of the country, to protect my image, I only sing a new music.


Changes in the development of Phuong My Chi have encountered many contradictory views.

My image is now linked to favorite popular songs, as sensitive as sand and cat, dressed "old before age" … how did viewers have been affected by my life?

I think there will be a more appropriate opportunity to talk about that when I'm big enough and quite mature. Promise to be near! Before sharing, I have to prepare, because at that moment I have to take responsibility for what I share with the audience.

Everyone told the three Quang Le that he was not talking about public money

In terms of family, people have pressure due to my popularity?

The family takes more care of her thoughts. In a new age like this, I do not put pressure on it to push other things, not to work, but also for learning and affection. I am lucky to have a larger sister who is almost the same age, so what I experience can be shared and trust you, making me more optimistic.

This year I am 16 years old, so what will my vision be in the future?

I was thinking of changing the image, but it was just an idea and nothing was certain.

Does Ba Quang Le intervene heavily in my job?

Ba Quang Le worked in the company but did not do it (laughter). Three very afternoon, whatever I want.

At work, are you free to create your own ideas?

I often think of new ideas for my product. This is not too much for me because there is a support person beside me, I only think what to say.

Have you ever thought you will stand out independently, not related to three Quang Lê anymore?

It's still in the future, so I can not say it before. However, my relationship with the three Quang Lê is still very good, so I have not even thought about it yet.


"I also sent a message to Quang Le, and told me not to talk about such public money so I was scared."

Having a lot of difficulties, did your family and Quang Quang stay talking?

Yes! I have often talked to him and to learn from it. Sometimes my father said it quickly, but he did not mean anything, he loved me very much! In general, those who follow my father will know that I have never prepared anything before I say anything, but I think about what I said.

Can you share more about rumors about "US $ 6,000"?

I do not want to mention it because it is very sensitive. At that time, Quang Lê said the number was also amazing for me. Everyone saw it, but it was a cat show of 2-3 appearances, plus a new figure of 6,000. Then there is furniture, the cost of moving a lot of things, not just "entry" without "out".

The history of sand moving, I think I should not be open because many people can be misunderstood. After that time, I also wrote to Quang Le, telling me not to talk about such public money, so I was scared a lot.

Someone commented that when you were new, you should not be exposed to money very soon, what do you think?

In fact, the money I did not keep, because that was the part of my mother's exchange with Quang Le. I just know how to sing.

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