Head of the U22 delegation in Vietnam proposed to change the semifinal time with Indonesia


Video U22 Vietnamese Goals 2-1 U22 Philippines. Source: VTV

On February 23, Sunway Hotel (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), 4 heads of delegations representing 4 U22 teams participating in the semi-final round of the AF Cup U22 of the LG Cup are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia technically. Here, the teams spotted the colors of the costumes in the semifinals.

Therefore, U22 Vietnam chose white shirt, white trousers and red socks – the color of U22 Vietnam used to win 4-0 on East Timor at the team stage. Meanwhile, U22 Indonesia wears red clothes, red trousers, white socks.

During the technical meeting, the organizers also thoroughly spread the rules when playing offside and penalty shootouts. As a result, each team will be replaced with one more player in extra time. A remarkable point that the BTC has informed teams that are the players who perform the shootout after the post is that it is necessary to finish all the time instead of doing the fake moves before kicking the ball.

U22Dien Bien Dien Quang, head of U22 Vietnam, also took the opportunity to propose to the Southeast Asian Football Federation for the semifinals. According to him, the weather in Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos is usually quite hot in the afternoon and afternoon. So in the next tournaments organized by the Southeast Asian Football Federation, the semi-finals or finals will be held in the evening, ensuring that the two best teams can play as well as serve the public. more courtyard.

In the U22 Championship in Southeast Asia this year, due to the hot weather, the BTC applied a "cooling break" or also called a break. In each round, after a 30-minute contest, the referee will give the players 3 minutes to drink water, fight the hot weather in Cambodia.

Under the BTC program, the semi-final match between U22 Vietnam and U22 Indonesia will be held at 15:30 on February 24th at the National Stadium in Cambodia. And also in this field at 18:30 is the second semifinal between the owner of the U22 Cambodia and U22 Thailand.


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