Hau Giang: Painful pond of 40 tons of fish suspected of poisoning


Saturday, February 23, 2019 08:25 AM (GMT + 7)

Almost on the day of harvest, the 40-ton pond of Mr Ho Van Quoi (Dai Thanh Community, Nga Bay City, Hau Giang Province) occurred in abnormal fish death. Seriously, to date, about 4 tonnes of Pangasia have died.

This afternoon (February 22nd), Duong Van Giang – Chairman of the People's Community Committee Dai Thanh told reporters Dan Viet, in the community, there was a case of pangas in a lake of an unusually dead house.

Hau Giang: Painful pond 40 tonnes of fish suspected of poisoning - 1

About 4 tons of Mr. Ho Van Quoi in Hau Giang died unexpectedly.

"It is the Lake of the House of Mr. Ho Van Quoi After the incident, I went to the lake to be damaged to discover and challenge the fish with the first poisoning of the drug and died a lot, lost 4 tons of 40 tons of fish in the lake "- said Mr. Giang.

Because he found that fish died unusually because of drug intoxication, Mr. Giang asked the police and the Nga Bay Town to take samples of fish for testing and to guide the family to discharge and detoxify the water. pond.

"This morning (February 22), I called the lake owner and learned that after the water pumping and water evacuation solution, detoxification of the lake, the number of dead fish has fallen," added Giang.

According to Mr. Quoi, the fish pond is close to the date of the harvest (reaching a weight of about 800 grams / head). The lake has a road that leads the water from the big river and drains separately, having discovered that the family tried to eliminate the water, but many tons of fish were killed.

According to Mr. Quan, the number of fish in his family is rising with money from banks. Many previous crops, his family suffered damage, we hope this fish will have money to repay, but did not expect the incident.


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