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Goalkeeper Neil Etheridge flies 11,000 km to the AFF Cup 2018

Fox Sports Asia reported her trip to 11,394 kilometers back to the Philippines to prepare for a visit to Singapore on November 13th. This is a very important match for "Azkals" because it is decisive for the next round of tickets in this championship.

It is expected that Etheridge will be available in the Philippines tomorrow. In Instagram, Cardiff City's No. 1 goalkeeper expressed his determination to dedicate the colors of the ethnic shirt team. He confirmed that he was not hesitant about the timetable and the timetable was constantly moving.

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Etheridge and Daisuke Sato return to the Philippines in the AFF Cup of 2018.

Also back to Singapore to host the Philippines has also Daisuke Sato, who plays for the Sepsi OSK Club in Romania.

In the presence of Etheridge and Daisuke Sato, the Philippines strengthened considerably. At the same time, the goal of winning the army's AFF Cup 2018 under the guidance of renowned general Sven-Goran Eriksson is absolutely serious, not to mention the amusement of the Philippine football club.

Etheridge has covered the Philippines in 2008 and has 59 appearances for Azkals. Daisuke Sato is in the Philippines since 2014, having played 36 games and scored three goals.


The Philippines team emerged from the AFF Cup 2010 when they first won the semifinals. They continued to be in the fourth round in the next two AFF. At the AFF Cup in 2016, the Philippines did not go through the group stage, so they decided to be in the semifinals, even in the finals of this year's tournament.

At the AFF Cup 2018, the Philippines are in Group B with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and East Timor. In the first round of the group's battle on 9/11, the Philippines was the team to take off. Meanwhile, Thailand had a 7-0 win in East Timor and Singapore had a 1-0 victory over Indonesia.

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