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From Xiao Dong to the first battle of the martial arts


During the social networking interview, Xu Xiaoguan spoke to challenge the director of Master Wise Martial Arts Chen: "Grand Master Tran Su Hanh, I want to fight with you.

Look, Tai Chi and Wing Chun have all beaten by Xu. Are you so dare to represent the heresy to ring in the ring to compete with me? ".

From Xiao Dong to the first battle of martial arts Wudang - 1

The Great Master Tran Su Hanh was named the first martial arts sect

The Eminent Master is a 14-year-old student of Vo Dang, and the first Elder is Truong Tam Phong (Tai Chi and Tai Chi) and the transmission of the famous Chung Van Long.

He dealt with martial arts from the age of seven, and when he was 11, he went to Mount Vo Dang to study the technology. The Grand Master Vo Dang has the ability to run and jump constantly through tens of four meters high, called his first sect of this sect.

Sohu's real martial arts page commented on the ability of Chen Su: "There is a lot of video on social networks recording the extreme techniques of Captain Tran. It's not a skill in Chinese martial arts but the real ability of Chen Su Hanh.

However, despite the great technique of Tran Dai Su, it was very beneficial, but the real skill and experience of the director was completely inferior to Tu Hieu Dong.

According to the Chinese press, the Vo Dang line outside of Tran Su Hanh also has another player, director Thanh Phong. This great monk caught his attention after defeating the martial art of the Shaolin Temple and the first tiger in 2012.

Xu Xiaoping used to defeat many Chinese traditional Wing Chun martial artists such as Ding Hao, Wei Lei or La Cuong but never met a martial arts master or Shaolin.

A few days ago, Xu Xiaoping and Taiji Wang Chan Ling accepted the fight, but the official date and time have not been confirmed by both sides.

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