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Direct France vs Uruguay International Friendly 2018 in the morning

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Les Bleus played very badly in the Netherlands 4 days ago. The route is easy to break, the collective game is chopped, people make mistakes, inefficient work. Under Deschamps, the team was not as bad and disappointed in both the results and the game.

In the Dutch defeat, the formation of 4-4-2 and then 4-3-3 in the second half did not bring positive signals before the discipline of the players and tight from the national team. So, this friendly against Uruguay, Deschamps in France to return to the familiar 4-2-3-1 tactics. Former midfielder Blaise Matuidi was on the left, along with Antoine Griezmann (center) and Kylian Mbappe (right), the highest scorer Olivier Giroud. This is Les Bleus who won the 2018 World Cup.

After a good impression at recent training sessions, newcomer Ferland Mendy (Lyon) was born on his left back, instead of Lucas Digne played very badly against the Netherlands recently. Mendy is in good shape with Lyon's shirt thanks to her speed, speed and ability to change the attack situation very well. And the last point that Deschamps changed was the central position in the center. Having played in the previous fight, Steven NZonzi will have to sit so another Lyon member is Tanguy NDombele the main kick.

For his part, although he lost before Brazil, Uruguay does not make the NHM very disappointed. Because of this fight, Edinson Cavani and his teammates have created many food opportunities, even hit the target more than the enemy. In defense, Uruguay also played very confident and goalkeeper Neogar of Kabana resigns only from the penalty shootout. South American representatives also offer the strongest side of the team, with players such as Caceres, Vecino, Bentancur, Torreira and, of course, duo Luis Suarez – Cavani.

True with the friendly nature of "friendly, cordial", the French rushed to attack immediately after the whistle and opened the door to visitors. In the fourth, Giroud cut Matuidi's advantage, but the final goal of the aggressor was to deflect the position, partly due to the close tie of defenders. At the 13th minute, Uruguay had the first major threat when the Inter Milan midfielder Vecino hit his right hand and Hugo Lloris hit the post.


Mbappe rushed over Laxalt in the 16th minute to get Giroud pass in the middle of the field, but after falling into the penalty area and taking the lead, the 1998 striker had a pole choice. difficult to understand that the opportunity to eat has unfortunately gone wrong. Instead of a bold finish in front of the only goalie, Mbappe chose the solution to put the ball in and Matuidi did not rush to react, because they do not think the new teammates deal with them.

The admission of the contest, but Uruguay proved extremely dangerous in the strike of the person, simple but rich in strength. 25 minutes, Vecino's foot struck his right foot but not enough to beat French goalkeeper No. 1. Mbappe's pain on his face was all the way for 30 minutes, but he was unable to control the game. The most expensive man on the planet had to leave the field due to a shoulder injury.

The big loss of Mbappe has had a great impact on the game and the spirit of Les Bleus, so the home side was quite relaxed for the rest of the first half, it was no longer competitive and acceptable. Turn in half with a draw without goals. But in the second half, France finally cleared the impasse after a controversial situation. The referee gave the owner the penalty to claim the ball to touch Caceres' hand after the end of Griezmann but the slow turn showed that the goalkeeper was a little heavy. Giroud was responsible for the penalty shoot-out and succeeded.

With the advantage of leading the table in hand, the French are more comfortable control of the game, making an effort to open the flag of the guests became the cup. In the 69th minute, Griezmann slipped his navel to the edge of the area to pass the ball over goalie Campana.

France (4-2-3-1):
Hugo Lloris; Benjamin Pavard, Adil Rami, Mamad Sahu (Kibebe 46), Feldland Medi, Ngolo Kante, Tanguy NDombele; Kylian Mbappe (Thauvin 35 & amp; 39), Antoine Griezmann, Blaise Matuidi (Nzonzi 62 ​​& amp; 39). Olivier Giroud.
Uruguay (4-4-2): Martin Campana; Mathias Suarez, Bruno Mendez, Martin Caceres, Diego Laxault, De Arrascaeta 60, Mattis Vecsino, Rodrigo Bentancourt, Luke Torrere, Luis Suarez, Edinson Kavani.

Cong Minh (TTVN)

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