Saturday , February 27 2021

Da Nang to fix "car, parade" in front of the bus station

Therefore, installing an additional traffic monitoring camera on the separator between the access road to the central bus station (near the Ton Duc Thang node) at the steel tower is 12 meters high.

At the same time, the signal linking system and the transmission of images and data directly to the Traffic Police – Police Department of the city to supervise and handle the state of passenger cars and stop the illegal area visitors.

The Danang People's Committee also instructed the City Police to assume primary responsibility and coordinate with the Inspection of Provincial / Municipal Transport Services to intensify the inspection and handling of stopping or parking of vehicles in violation of regulations on the Tonleby Roadways. Duc Thang, Nam Tran, Cao Son Phao and the entrance to the central bus station.

Da Nang to determine it

Danang will install cameras to monitor and handle passenger cars to stop passengers from picking up passengers in the area in front of the central bus station

The Construction Department inspects, controls and complements the lighting of the area in front of the Center Station Bus Station and cuts the trees and weeds on the road that separates the routes Ton Duc Thang and Nam Tran, Observation for Traffic and Urban Participants beauties.

The Board of Infrastructure Investment Projects urgently completes the procedures related to timely implementation of the renovation and installation of Traffic Control Signaling Lights Ton Duc Thang – Nam Tran – The road to the central bus station and put into operation the signal button Traffic Ton Duc Thang – Tan Trao – Hong Thai – Yen The – Bac Son to reduce the density of vehicles in front of the car terminal.

Han Hong

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