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Adventures of the "Tiger Prime" Inter Inter

Monday, 05/11/2013 13:01 (GMT + 7)

Lionel Messi is still on the list of Barcelona players in Italy in Inter Milano on the fourth leg of the Champions League. However, this is not necessarily a good sign for the Catalan giants and the great captain.

The Messi video, despite not breaking the hand, continues to train with Barca just 11 days after the injury:

After a tough Rayo Vallecano win 3-2 in the 11th round of La Liga, Barcelona is eagerly preparing for the next crucial fight. That's when Teacher Ernesto Valverde goes to Italy against Inter Milan in the fourth round of Champions League B.

If he wins the match at Giuseppe Meazza (Milan, Italy) at 3:00 am. on the morning of 7/11 (Vietnam time), Barca will soon enter the 1/8 round with the strength of the top of the championship. The advantage of the draw is the knockout match.

Meanwhile, Barca announced after the final rehearsal at Sant Joan Despi that Barcelona will come to Italy and will have the name Lionel Messi In the list of 22 players in Inter Milano.

Messi played the installment: Barca's adventures chose the fight

Messi has not completely broken his hand since 20/10 when Barcelona fits Sevilla in La Liga

It was very unexpected that on October 20, the Argentinean leader broke his right hand and had to take a break when he was absent in the recent Barca matches, including the first leg against Inter at New Camp. the Champions League and the "Super Classics" match with Real Madrid last week.

Still, Messi Diagnosed by doctors for at least 3 weeks to completely cure the broken arm. But according to the AS, in the last training session with Barca on Sunday in Spain before flying to Italy, the M10 still had to use a fixed splint from a broken arm but was playing the dose when it was committed. He was identified with the risk of a recurrent injury on ready to face the following Wednesday morning.

Valverde has called 22 Barça players in Italy, including "great attention" Messi Although it has not completely broken the hand but only 2 weeks of treatment. Argentinian superstar who won the 5 "Golden Ball" may not be the main kick but only on the bench from the bench at Inter, but there is still a risk for Barca and even has not reached the 100% gym. .

Messi plays the installment: Barca's adventures choose the duel

Messi is still trying to put pressure on Barca to fill his name in Italy at Inter Milano in the Champions League

Meanwhile, players who have to stay in Barcelona due to injuries or not, will be Samuel Umtiti, Thomas Vermaelen, Denis Suarez, Malcom Silva, Inaki Pena and Chumi. Coach Valverde will eliminate the four other players in the list of 18 registered players, Barca players who promised it was not easy before the new Inter Milan revived the second table of Serie A.

La Liga Super Serie A: 46 million euros

Suarez and "raw jewelry" 46 million euros Real Madrid to shine in the 11th round of La Liga.

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