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Colombian actor Gregorio Pernia became famous with the character of Titi from “Without breasts there is no paradise”. The artist was one of the Telemundo production figures, along with the popular Carmen Villalobos, and became one of the most sought after artists in the medium. But not many people know what he was paid for his role in the American series.

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Pernia, today, is one of the most famous names in entertainment industryIn 2021, he participated in MasterChef Colombia, becomes one of the most talked about members of reality.

The Colombian interpreter became one of the show’s landmarks when he came to life Aurelio Jaramillo, The What what, a nickname that remained in real life thanks to its success “Without breasts, there is no paradisein 2008.

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Now, an approach to it Salary which Pernia would have received for his participation in his American adaptation “Without breasts there is no paradise”, which produced a franchise well known for stories of violence and romance.

Colombian actor remembers playing
The Colombian actor remembers playing “El Titi” in the telenovela “There is no paradise without breasts” (Photo: Gregorio Pernía / Instagram)


Played by Gregorio Pernía Aurelio Jaramillo in “Without chest there is no paradise” and received approximately the 14 million 40 thousand pesos a year, according to information from the medium “Ella”, which collected the number from Co.talent.

Although this percentage is not official, it is one Assessment resulting from the research from the aforementioned page with different sources and official media. It is an approach to what Pernia took for her most famous role on television.

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Actor Gregorio Pernía made his TV debut in addition to the telenovela “My only truth“In 1997. Then in 1998, he was part of”Mother», RCN Production. From here, he started receiving awards and being considered for other initiatives.

In this way he participated in “Isabel was watching it for me“, As Pepe Grillo,”Miracles of loveAnd “Luciana Nights.” Her first big role was in “The daughter of Mariachis“, A successful TV production in which he gave life to Manuel, the”Colossus of Jalisco”. Then Titi of “Without breasts there is no paradise” would come to give him fame.

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Gregorio Pernía is one of Colombia's most famous actors today.  (Photo: Gregorio Pernía / Instagram)
Gregorio Pernía is one of Colombia’s most famous actors today. (Photo: Gregorio Pernía / Instagram)


Gregorio Pernía was born in Cúcuta on 7 May 1970, so in 2021, is 51 years oldPernia, in addition, has five childrensmall. Diego, the first, is the result of his relationship with a domestic worker. While Emiliano was born from his relationship with Marcela Mar.Her current partner is the model Erika Rodriguez, with whom he had two children, Luna del Mar and Valentino. His other son, Julián Pernía Turizo, lives in Barranquilla.

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