Tuesday , July 27 2021

University baseball player starred in a strange touch of the ball (VIDEO)

Not just in Los Angeles baseball MLB we see strange things, and in the university branch and it was the case of the young man Lewis Avils from Tulane Green in the NCAA, which made him curious Touch from it was This friday.

Tulane Green Baseball and the University of Memphis faced each other in a game about NCAA, leaving as a highlight a strange Touch from it was from Lewis Avils, something extremely strange and that will surely wander in the world of this sport, even reaching his eyes MLB.

Here is the video:

Yes OK Aviles did not try to get in touch with the ball, ended up in a strange way making one Touch from it was, As in an attempt to fly to the pitcher court, he tied himself to his stick and headed for the infield while he was alive, a situation that surprised everyone and his player Tulane Green in the NCAA ended up at the base in an unusual way.

Without a doubt, this is strange Touch from it was, will be the game of the day at NCAA and fortunately for Tulane Green, served to fill the bases and threaten in the first episode of the match against the University of Memphis.

Random and innocent, Tulane Green starred Lewis Avils one marvelous Touch from it was, who does not even want to do it turns out as well as this strange event that happened in his baseball NCAA.

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