Saturday , February 27 2021

UN temporarily suspends humanitarian aid transfer to Venezuela

The United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in Venezuela Peter Grohmann. (Courtesy of VTV)

The United Nations (UN) said on Tuesday it had temporarily suspended monetary transactions in Venezuela under the Humanitarian Response Plan, “due to a lack of clarity on the use of the country’s Monetary Transfer Program”.

“Given the lack of clarity on the financial / banking institutional framework, on how to use the money transfer method through the Humanitarian Response Plan activities, we see the need to temporarily suspend monetary transactions,” the foundation said in a statement.

In the letter signed by Peter Grohmann, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Venezuela, he stressed that in this situation, the UN is working with the Venezuelan authorities to agree on a procedure adapted to the national legal framework, in order to repeat the program, necessary for humanitarian activities in Venezuela.

It is worth noting that this decision leaves thousands of beneficiaries of operational programs in the territory of Venezuela helpless. However, the United Nations says it is necessary to reach an agreement with the Venezuelan government as soon as possible to regain support.

In the meantime, it calls on the agencies responsible for carrying out humanitarian action through these programs to discuss possible alternatives that can be implemented to reduce the impact of this suspension and to try to maintain the care of those who have need that have benefited so far.

Grohmann reiterates that the United Nations Humanitarian Coordination is committed to “protecting humanitarian workers and resolving recent incidents with the authorities in favor of affected humanitarian workers.”

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