Friday , October 22 2021

They will auction the lost Stanley Kubrick scenario


Madrid.- Secret burning is the title of an unpublished Stanley Kubrick writing that has been lost for many years. After the director's death in 1999, the manuscript is recovered and will now be auctioned at a price close to $ 20,000, Dpa said.

The script, to be auctioned on Nov. 20 in New York, has been certified by Kubrick's experts, who say the text is almost complete, so that a movie or television studio is interested in the project and gains its rights on the day auction.

Secret burning is the adaptation of the 1913 homonymous novel written by Stefan Zweig. In the Kubrick version, the protagonist is a friendly insurance vendor who makes a 10-year-old boy boyfriend in a spa to seduce the young man's mother.

In the Zweis book, the story takes place in Austria at the beginning of the 20th century, but the director commences action in the United States in the 1950s.

The manuscript is dated October 24, 1956, when Kubrick continues to forge his promising career and retains the MGM seal, a study that had then rights to the text. It is not known why the work was not green enlightened then by MGM, but academician Nathan Abrams said in an interview with The Guardian that perhaps the story was too strong for Hollywood's censorship rules of the time.

"The child acts as an inadvertent intermediary," said an expert in history. "She is between her mother and her potential lover, creating a disturbing story about the sexuality and child abuse hidden under the surface."

Abrams also describes Secret burning as "the other side of his coin" Lolita, the adaptation of the controversial classic Vladimir Nabokov whom Kubrick himself directed in 1972. " Secret burning the protagonist wants the son to reach his mother. In the Lolita, marries the mother to reach the daughter. I think the 1956 Production Code would be difficult to overcome, "he added.

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