Wednesday , October 20 2021

The States of Sucre, Guárico, Bolívar and Miranda declare activated voting centers for electoral simulation – Correo del Orinoco


This Saturday was triggered in several states of national territorial electoral stations for the election drill, an activity organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for Sunday 11 November between 8am and 3pm, person in the Council elections to be held on December 9th.

Manuel Gonzalez, head of the CNE Regional Office in Sucre, said that 43 polling stations will be held in 16 polling stations, two of which will be pilot centers in which the "petal" will be fully utilized on the day of election, "he said.

González explained that the Sucre state has an electoral list of 675,000 548 voters exercising voting rights in 678 centers, 1,068 polling stations. He also said the simulation would seek to strengthen the technological structure and familiarize Venezuelans with municipal elections for next December 9.

For his part, Denisis Perez, regional director of the Barinas state electoral office, said that 13 polling stations were active, two of which will be pilot centers, Liceo Daniel Florencio O'Leary and Juan Andrés Varela School at 12 municipalities in the area.

Two pilot centers were also activated in the Guárico State, one in Juan Germán Rocío and another in the municipality of Francisco de Miranda, for the election event, 109 candidates for consultants were nominated, divided into 79 nominated and 30 in the list ways.

Similarly, Rebeka Ramos, regional director of the KNU election district in the Miranda State, said it is being developed in 21 municipalities with 21 points, of which three are pilot polling stations located in the municipality of Guaicaipuro at the Cecilio Acosta University Institute in the municipality of Sucre; the Petare parish will be in the José de Jesús Arocha Educational Unit and in the Chacao Municipality at the Gustavo Herrera Educational Unit.

There will be 373 centers for electoral simulation in the country, of which 55 will be pilots, and the polling stations will operate there with the electoral petal.

The election campaign will be from 22 November to 7 December.

For the election event, more than 13,000 candidates were appointed and the 2,459 posts of the main advisers, with their respective deputies, would be questioned. Of this total, 1,704 are registered seats, 686 per list and 69 elected by indigenous organizations and communities.

According to the Electoral Register, a total of 20 million 704,612 people are called to vote in local elections, of which 20 million 474,846 are Venezuelan and 229,766 foreigners with more than 10 years of permanent residence in the country.

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