Thursday , April 15 2021

The National Academy of Medicine considers that more PCR tests should be performed


Caracas.- Enrique López Loyo, President of the National Academy of Medicine, assured that Venezuela should increase in the number of PCR tests performs for the detection of COVID-19 cases.

I agree to Radio Fe and Alegría, in his opinion, the right thing to do would be to get his pulse how COVID-19 develops in each region in the country and then decide whether to make quarantine more flexible or radical.


Medical Academy requests not to disseminate data without scientific support to Carvativir

According to López Loyo, they were made in Venezuela between October and January 110 tests per million inhabitantsand, between January and March, that number increased to 770 PCR tests per million inhabitants.

“In every Venezuelan state, then there must be at least one PCR diagnostic machine you need to make a curve to determine what the behavior is the number of cases “, López explained.

With information from Radio Fe y Alegría.

Written by El PitazoHealth

Written by El PitazoHealth