Wednesday , March 3 2021

The lions have put nine Athletic Leaders

The hairy men angered 9-0 in the sharks to take third place, while the salty tied the pit

CARACAS.- For the second consecutive day, Leones del Caracas defeated Tiburones de La Guaira, this time blanqueándolos 9-0, in the capital of the University.
Having made only 14 races in the first five appearances last week, the hairy composition was again felt by a bad-kept pitcher who felt unstable, allowing 17 touchdowns in the two-game series he played with the capital.

At the bottom of the second inning José Rondón landed a single that led the first hairline of the commitment to the feet of Isaías Tejeda. Then Tejeda herself gave a blow that, after a series of drawbacks in the box, allowed Harold Castro to step on the domestic plate.

Three episodes later, Castro shot an atomic homonym for the second consecutive day, expanding the lead in three runs.

Nevertheless, the pitching visitor's disaster will reach the sixth, where Caracas made six annotations in front of the relievers.

With the bases full, Wilfredo Tovar sounds indisputable that he has chartered Rondón. Then Juan Graterol could win the fifth thanks to an uncontrolled tar, which caused Castro to give him a voluntary ticket, so that Harold Rameser then sends a triple barre bases to the right field.

And at the top, Eduard Pinto gave a single that led the last race through Ramírez.

"When you go on a run in which nothing goes well, you lose your attitude a bit, style, and we have it back in. The way the season has begun has already been recovered and I am very happy with the way we won this game. We ran very well, we hit very well and played good defense, "said Mike's manager.

Rogzas in the hair type section.

In this way, the Lions reached two consecutive wins, leaving behind them the four consecutive losses, which were placed in the third square of the table. Meanwhile, sharks lost for the fifth time in a row, starting badly a week.

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