Thursday , April 15 2021

Tether (USDT) to the problem! US authorities UU freeze funds from Deltec's new bank

Former Chief Financial Officer Petroleas de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Abraham Edgardo Ortega, has signed an agreement with the United States government. He has revealed information demonstrating his role in a huge bribe structure led by Maduro officials, according to the Tribune.

Ortega used bank accounts in the Bahamas to wash about $ 1.2 billion for the government. This money was taken during a series of asset and money dismantling by the state oil company PDVSA.

Ortega won about $ 12 million for him during the "valuable contribution" process. Now he has agreed to transfer all corrupt money from Deltec and Ansbacher accounts to US officials.

The agreement on guilt reveals names and numbers

According to Ortega, she attended a meeting with a confidential informant who worked for the United States government and Gustavo Adolfo Hernández Frieri, Miami's head of a real estate agency. During the talks, Frieri offered its own fraudulent funds, the Global Fund Securities Trade Finance (GSTF), based in the Cayman Islands, to wash $ 5 million in bribes made by Maduro officials from Russian and French business lobbyists.

According to the agreement, "On February 24, 2017, the CS commissioned Deltec Bank & Trust in Nassau, Bahamas, where part of Ortega's illicit funds was withheld, to be registered with the fund. [GSTF]"

Deltec also deals with Tether as the new owner of her famous fiduciary assets.
Deltec also deals with Tether as the new owner of her famous fiduciary assets.

After their purchase, the five million dirty dollars were transferred to another GSTF funded limited liability company. This made the funds appear legitimate and available to be spent by Frieri and Ortega.

"On February 28, 2017, approximately at the headquarters of Ortega and Hernández Fieri, about $ 5 million of an account / portfolio number was transferred to Deltec Bank & Trust" at a United States financial institution in New Jersey, which had an account for the GSTF , the fake treasury. "

Deltec Bank is prone to dangerous behavior

Banks in the Bahamas are already facing problems as the FATF has recently published a list of 11 countries that are following the KYC / AML procedures badly. Deltec also deals with Tether as the new owner of her famous fiduciary assets.

According to Tether's official statement, Deltec Bank & Trust has completed its investigation of all of Tether's previous actions in the now bankrupt Noble Bank International without any irregularities.

Prior to starting a relationship with Deltec, Tether had experienced a major reputation for reputation, partly resolved by the recent Deltec bank statement issued on November 1, 2018.

However, the bank's letter does not give any real responsibility for its claims, using the tactic of not naming or signing the person who issued the statement.

Although the USDT price dropped from $ 1 to 93 cents in recent days, it has since returned to 99 cents in the CoinBillboard. Many users escaped from the USDT in more transparent currencies, which led to a recent $ 500 million USDT Tether Treasury's recent explosion, as Tether's stock market price declined.

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