SUMMARY: All Venezuelan Aid Live presentations


The Live Venezuela Aid Live concert took place on Friday, February 22, on the Las Tienditas International Bridge at the Colombian border with Venezuela to support the entry of humanitarian aid.

Reymar Perdomo opened the show by interpreting "I flew", which was performed by thousands of people watching the concert taking place at the Colombian border with Venezuela.

Follow José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" singing "Hold hands".

Then he continued Reinaldo Armas interpreting an issue condemning the Venezuelan crisis and corrupt politicians.

"Venezuela, I welcome my sister country," he said Cholo Valderrama when you start your show at the concert.

Jean Carlos Canela He took the stage and before singing he devoted a few words to the murdered actress Mónica Spear.

He also sang Danny Ocean your successes Dembow and Refuse.

Jesus "Chino" Miranda He let the audience sing "Stay with me".

The Mexican team Reik He released three songs in Venezuela at the concert.

Alesso and Lele Pons they put the electronic touch on the concert.

Paulina Ruby He stressed with his participation and made him sing the song "No single word"

It was also possible to enjoy the rhythm of regueoneros Mao and Ricky. Duo interpreted the song "Unknown".

Argentina Diego Torres He was moving these singers "Color Hope".

"All Venezuelans who had to leave will return home," said the speaker Daniel Hampif.

Wild Dangond He also participated in the song "Cásate conmigo". "I feel that Venezuela (…) The only thing that can not be lost is faith and hope," said the Colombian singer.

Then, the scene was placed Maluma with whom he played a duet song called "Vivir Dancing".

Then, Jorge Villamizar, a Colombian singer, took the stage Bacilli.

"Venezuela is Venezuelan," he said. Miguel Bosé participating in the concert. He urged Michelle Bachelet, the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights, to visit Venezuela to assess the country's humanitarian crisis.

Venezuela Carlos Baute he sang to all those who were present when he interpreted "Hanging in Your Hands" and "I Stay In Venezuela".

"It is not only Venezuela, we are with you," he said. Luis Fonseca when singing the songs of "Despacito" and "I do not give up" at the concert.

Juan Luis Guerra He was another of the artists who offered his voice on Venezuela.

Fonseca He sang and expressed these words at the start of the show: "It is a day of solidarity, today we are all Venezuela."

All participants broke out with euphoria during the show Carlos Vives.

"Peace and democracy for Venezuela," he said Mother when interpreting their songs at the concert.

Then the Spanish singer came to the stage Alejandro Sanz. "Do not steal the story of their freedom," he said before singing "Broken Heart".

"We're all together for one reason," he said. Huanes at the moment of the song.

The closing of the concert was responsible Nacho, who later sang again with Jesus "Chino" Miranda after their separation as a twin in 2018.

List of artists to be presented in Venezuela Aid Live

Abre Santiago Cruz opens with Reymar Perdomo.

1st block: Puma, Cusy, Reinaldo Armas, Cholo Valderrama, Jorge Glem, Reik.

2nd block: Jorge Villamizar, Chyno, Lele Pons, Ruddy Mancuso, Dj Alesso, Paulina Rubio.

3rd Block: Baute, Montaner, Mau and Ricky, Camilo Echeverri, Diego Torres, Miguel Bose, Danny Ocean.

4th block: Maluma, Fonseca, Nacho, Dangond, Fonsi.

5th block: You live, Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, Maná.

Closure: Alejandro Sanz


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