Monday , October 25 2021

Miguel Méndez Rodulfo: Genetic Scissors: Crispr / Cas9



Humanity has made a huge leap with the greatest scientific advancement over the past 30 years, meaning Crispr / Cas9's genetic technology. This is a gene publishing tool. which means that from now on nature can be corrected and that human DNA can change in a precise way.

This ability opens the infinite doors and is the birth of the new science. The original Crispr / Cas9 comes from English Cumulative regular interfering short reciprocal iterations, in Spanish "Short reciprocal repetitions bundled and tidy". and the name of a series of proteins, mainly some nucleases, called them by the Crispr Associated System. Palindromic means that they can be read just the right and vice versa. This discovery comes from the observation of bacteria when they act against the invading viruses through a genome processor they have and that allows them to defend themselves from epidemic attacks. This genetic feature has resulted in a genetic scissors mechanism that allows DNA to be changed in a very selective manner.

CC9 is very easy to program, is very effective and versatile, unlike previous techniques, because it allows many different types of changes in the genome and gene expression. Now we can rewrite the genome of any cell in any organism. It is applied to cells and tissues, humans, animals and plants. The way that this mechanism works would be something like the molecular scissors that is capable of cutting any DNA molecule to do it in a very precise and totally controlled manner. This ability to cut DNA is one that permits modification of its sequence, deletion or introduction of new genetic material. Previous technology of so-called restriction enzymes has acted at specific sites by cutting DNA. the Crispr / Cas9 system is more than that, since it cuts and then imports the DNA where it is cut. In other words, CC9 cuts but also hits.

The discovery of such an important mechanism is due to the teams of researchers led by Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier at Umeå University and Jennifer Doudna at the University of California at Berkeley, who managed to transform this natural defensive mechanism of bacteria into a "programmable" processing tool used to cut off any DNA strand in vitro.

For botanists, CC9 is a dream come true after a genome processor took about six months ago and costs about $ 25,000. Today it is manufactured in days and is worth US $ 100. We can imagine the speed it opens to experimentation. Researchers in this field are already working on designing plants that are more resistant to salinity and drought, giving them the luxury of seeing the end of hunger in the world. There is talk of a second green revolution. As technology is also applied to people, there is great hope in the treatment of AIDS, cancer and most of the diseases that are affecting us today. Of course, unlimited possibilities open to science, but we are entering the mobile field of ethics, as is the case throughout history with new inventions that change examples and create new seasons.

While the world is advancing, Venezuela simply retreats. At least we have over 70 years. It is regrettable to admit, but even if it hurts, that is the reality. However, the lights illuminated in the world also shine on Venezuela, as Sabanetero has always said: no one is so lucky for so long.

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