Juanes twice stopped his Venezuelan Aid Live concert for public disorder


As you have already heard, about 30 artists gathered today in Cúcuta, near the border between Colombia and Venezuela, aiming to raise $ 100 million for humanitarian aid from the country currently in crisis. Although we were talking about social networks, everything has been so far, Juanes' concert drew attention, having been forced to stop him sometimes, as some assistants on the front did not stop fighting and make noise to the audience.

"We can not continue to sing if they continue like this"Said Colombian Juanes, who had to interrupt the interpretation of his success "Return to see" to reprimand some attendees who did not let others enjoy the show.

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Juanes twice stopped his Venezuelan Aid Live concert for public disorder

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Through Twitter

Although the concert continued and Juanes could finish his song, a few minutes later he had to stop the concert again but now, while singing the song "It's time to change"This once again to ask the violent assistants to stop their bust, an act applauded by the people.

Although it is not known what happened, local media claim that the movement is due to the fact that the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó entered that moment.


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