Saturday , June 19 2021

IVSS of Sabaneta and Veritas, in a "shock" due to shortcomings

The mountain of deficiencies has the trouble: "pulses" are weak and "oxygen" is reduced. In shock, the headquarters of Maracaibo's Ivss Institute of Social Security remain. She's still in the waiting room.

Dehydrated, a diarrhea and vomiting product, Sharaid Castellano, 26, arrived at Sabaneta's health center. "Do you have a car?" He asked a nurse when he received it in emergencies.

"They did not have anything, they sent us to buy the solution, the yelco, the butterfly, everything, it was at midnight and they gave us a line, we could not go on foot." Fortunately, a doctor donated the material and was in but after a while they took us outside because the doctors were going to sleep, and I felt I was crying because of the incompetence I felt, "said his mother, Zoraira Fernandez.

Theoretically, the area is active 24 hours a day. However, practice excludes the anxiety experienced by patients who have to pay for the minimal influx of medicine.

In the field of consultation, reality is also crucial. A nurse who kept her identity said that due to the lack of air conditioners, they transferred the services: the general medicine office improvised in the dining room, ophthalmology was hosted in a "emergency room" and gynecology was transferred to the archives.

"Most doctors are only giving or validating the rest." Ophthalmologists can not even make the right revision because the equipment can not be moved – we have been in this mess for three months without answers, "he complained.

Lack of medical and nursing staff is staggering. Because of this, specialties such as endocrinology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, ONT and dermatology have been abandoned. Similarly, X-rays are not executed.

Due to the absence of reagents, for several months, the laboratory has only processed urine and faeces samples. The surgical procedure no longer performs surgical procedures that were once determined on the day.

The script becomes even more discouraging in Veritas Security, where stars in loneliness, heat and darkness. In front of the main entrance, a large billboard gives a reference to the more than 30 medical disciplines available in the hospital. Fashion, internal medicine, gastroenterology, surgery, pediatrics and gynecology are the only survivors.

Of nurses and doctors, it is estimated that 60% left. In analogy, the flow of patients declined.

A small group of patients is waiting on the first floor. Yóselin Arrieta counted seven hours until the afternoon's surgeon's appearance, because the vacant position is in the morning. He had no choice, since he had to validate a suspension.

As far as machinery is concerned, workers said that electrocardiographs and bed screens do not work in the emergency room. "There is no wall oxygen, we work with a single tensometer," they revealed.

Most worrying is that most of the emergency situations concern them in other hospitals. "All we do is trust them to God because we have no way to help them and the right to an ambulance is not because they were" lost "three years ago," a nurse said.

"We have some antibiotics, some analgesics, and sometimes antihypertensive, before sending more," the pharmacy said.

Over the last three years, healing, respiratory and radiographic rooms have been out of service. Dental adds five due to lack of equipment and lack of staff. The same danger is noted in cardiology. In addition, the mammography service enters the "disappeared" list.

"From the surgery nothing else is the poster," they complain. Due to the lack of air conditioners, which affects more than 95% of the institution, bacteria multiply. To this is added the incapacity of the lamps.

Even the bathrooms were halfway, without the sinks and the urinals closed. "The cleaning department closed it, everything is stealing from here and no one knows," they said.

Unofficially, he was informed that a military commission had been stationed in this Ivss region since last Monday.

A more promising situation is presented at the Centro Ambulatorio del Norte, Ivss, located in San Jacinto. There, the function is almost complete. However, these weaknesses were found: "Dental care stopped two months ago due to the air conditioner failure, there is no RX for more than a year and only urine and stool tests are being processed," a nurse explained.



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