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Internal letters indicate that Amazon knew its drivers were urinating in bottles and defecating in bags, although the company had denied this.

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March 26, 2021 20:35 GMT

“Do you really think you pee in bottles?” The company asked this week, adding “no one would work for us” if that was true. Intercept, in turn, cites its sources and internal correspondence as saying that the practice is common on Amazon.

Amazon was aware that its drivers sometimes urinate in bottles and defecate in bags, The Intercept reported on Friday, posting internal emails citing its sources.

What preceded the publication?

Amazon CEO Dave Clark advertising This Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders visited Bessemer, Alabama to support the company’s trade union campaign, confirming that the company represents “a progressive workplace.” “So if you want to hear about $ 15 an hour and about health care, Senator Sanders will speak to the center. But if you want to earn at least $ 15 an hour and have good health care, Amazon is hiring,” he wrote.

In response, MP Mark Pocan said that “employees do not pay $ 15 an hour [a Amazon] a progressive workplace when they destroy the union and make employees pee in bottles of water, “referring to reports that surfaced in 2018 and showed that company employees were forced to skip breaks to go to the bathroom.

The reaction from Amazon was not too great. “Do you really think you pee in bottles?” He wrote on Twitter the same day, adding that “if that were true, no one would work for us.”

What do the documents say?

Meanwhile, Intercept stressed in its new article that the company statement is not true and employees are resorting to this common practice to meet the set quotas. The store said bosses knew this and published an internal document provided by an Amazon employee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, listing urination and defecation on a list of “violations and defects.”

Warn that the information of millions of people stored by Amazon is at risk due to security system failures

In addition, the portal revealed an e-mail sent by the logistics manager to the company, Jen Snyder, and revealed cases where employees defecated in bags. “This afternoon, an associate discovered human feces in an Amazon bag returned to the station by a driver. This is the third time in two months,” the mail said.

We understand that relevant drivers may have emergencies [están] on the road and especially during [la pandemia del] “covid related drivers had trouble finding bathrooms on delivery,” he wrote, adding that it was “unacceptable” to leave bags of feces or urine bottles to return to the station.

For her part, Halie Marie Brown, a California resident who worked for Amazon delivery contractor Soon Express, said this behavior “happens because we are literally forced to do it, otherwise we will end up losing our jobs to too many.” . ” packages’ “.

Amazon did not comment on The Intercept before the article was published.

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