Monday , March 1 2021

Facebook resolves the failure caused by a server problem


The cuts affected much of the continents, especially North America, Europe and Asia.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has registered access difficulties on Tuesday for much of the day as a result of a problem associated with a server. The mistake was finally resolved, the team said.

Instagram, the photo sharing network owned by Facebook, had also announced technical problems.

"Earlier this day, configuring a server has caused intermittent problems in all applications globally, creating a downgraded user experience," a team spokesman told AFP.

"The problem was then resolved, we are 100% again all over the world and we regret the difficulties they have caused," he added.

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The independent location Downdetector published a map outlining the cuts that affected most continents, particularly North America, Europe and Asia.

The flaw appears to have spread from early in the morning to Tuesday afternoon in California, where a group of 2,000 million users are based.

On November 12, Facebook stopped working for a while in North and South America.

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