Doug Bowser thanks support after he was named president of Nintendo of America –


You all know the news of the week, and this is our favorite Reggie Fils-Aimé announced his retirement, leaving its place to … Bowser! And is that his appointment Doug Bowser such as the new director of the US subsidiary company has given a lot to talk with content that has passed the always present memes until many support messages so for Reggie for good work was done with regard to Bowser, for hard work that awaits you from now on.

For all these, Doug Bowser has spoken through his official Twitter account to show your deep gratitude and gradually leave us a mythical picture with his beloved president Nintendo of America:

Thank you all for your warm messages as I look forward to a new adventure. I've learned a lot from Reggie. Your love and passion for Nintendo, along with yours, will never be far from my mind.

What do you think; From here, we also give the chance to wish the new president the best chance!



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