Monday , September 20 2021

Correo del Caroní – Bolero suffers from a new tear with the death of Lucho Gatica

"One of the most important legends of our land has left us (…) It leaves memories and music for life on our planet," said Humberto Gatica, music producer and nephew of the famous singer, in dialogue with the Cooperativa radio.

So far it has not been reported what the cause of death or what happened.

Gatica, who had settled in Mexico in the late 1950s but later resided in the United States, is responsible for successes such as Do not tell me, You used me, I'm going to turn off the light, Watch, The boat and Taste me.

"Lucho Gatica was known all over the world at a time when travel was not so easy, he was very early abroad, he is one of the pioneers of the music to achieve," said animator Mario Kreutzberger, Don Francisco, in a conversation with Cooperativa.

The Chilean government has decided to order a day of official mourning for Thursday with the death of Gatica. "The king of the bolero paid us with emotion and pride with his music all over the world. He was and will be a great ambassador of our country," Interior Minister Andrew Chavewick said when she announced the measure.

For the world

At his most wonderful years, he was so well-known in the United States that the Metro Golden Mayer hosted meetings with some of the greatest personalities of the world at the time, such as Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole.

In 1995 he made a great tribute to his honor in Miami, featuring artists such as Celia Cruz, Rafael Basurto (from Los Panchos), Olga Guillot, Juan Gabriel and José José.

Lucho Gatica, born August 11, 1928 in Rancagua (about 90 kilometers south of Santiago), was the father of Mexican actor Luis Antonio Gatica Cordero.

In November 2007 he received the Latin Grammy for Excellence Award and in 2008 he installed a star named Hollywood Walk of Fame, which made him second Chilean with this distinction.

After hearing the news of Gatica's death, Chilean Culture Minister Consuelo Valdés wrote in her bill Twitter that "with his tremendous talent he has achieved great stages in the world, leaving an indelible mark on a musical genre".

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