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Caraqueños stranded due to damage to the subway

20 November 2018 01:15 am
Updated on November 20, 2018 05:51 am

A strong delay in the stations of Caracas Line 1 was caused by a train without traction paralyzing the service for more than 7 hours at the Parque Carabobo Station. In 35 years of service, the underground system that crosses the capital from the east to the west shows dysfunctions that are aggravated daily on rails and trains.

The error occurred around 6:00 am While the situation was resolved, the metro triggered a temporary route between La Hoyada and College of Engineers, which collapsed by the large number of people waiting for the train to arrive.

Users repeatedly complained about Twitter, mainly to say that it took more than two hours to get to their destination because of the problem.

Given the few surface transport units running due to lack of supplies, citizens chose to use the metro, but yesterday they were forced to walk large areas: "Caracas exhausts alternatives to move to Caracas," complained a passenger dropped out of the event.

In Agua Salud, due to the long delay, many people decided to go walking. Others waited for the arrival of the lorries, which were filled, even with people hanging dangerously from the doors.

Arturo Figueroa, a student and Frequent Metro passenger, who every morning chooses to return from Gatto Negro to Propatria to "ride without striking", said that due to his misfortune yesterday he "walked" through the stations: I came back to Prophet. After about 20 to 30 minutes, the train went to Agua Salud, where, for unknown reasons, the car was evacuated and returned, "he added." It has taken me an hour and a half to go forward only one station, then I had to I walk from Agua Salud to the University of Mecedores. "

The service was normalized at 12:21 pm when the activity at Parque Carabobo Station was restored.

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