Apple will have its own credit card, why?


According to a report given by the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to launch this year credit card with its approval Goldman Sachs Group, which promises to be an economic tool that will allow users combine the new iPhone features and Wallets application to improve your money management.

To post the post, the card will start with one Internal testing phase with employees, who will soon be able to use the new plastic before it reaches the general public.

With this move, both companies will seek to attract additional customers by offering additional benefits to Apple's Wallet app that include the ability of users to Set spending goals, manage your balances, and watch your rewards.

This is the second time that the US newspaper reports the possible launch of a credit card signed by Apple. Last May, the newspaper reported that "The planned card will bring the Apple Pay brand and could begin early next year, family members said on the subject."

Other details about the card have been released. You are expected to use the MasterCard network and offer around the network 2 percent Cash in most markets, but probably the biggest cash deals will be for Apple product purchases.

The reason behind the move

The chances of this product reaching the market are high if we take into account Apple's strategy, which, because of the fall in iPhone sales, is the salvation that could save the business.

According to the company's financial report, from October to December of last year, revenue from the company's smartphone fell 15 percent -or 66 million devices– compared to the same period of 2017.

This figure represents the worst decline in iPhone iPhone Cupertino since its release in January 2007.

On the other hand, the service area of ​​Cupertino has grown to 19 percent in the last quarter of last year compared with what was recorded in 2017, with a gross margin of 62.8%.

In due course it is estimated that Apple Pay is registered 800 million transactions, which would be good for starting a credit card.

Apple bets to become a service provider, which remains to be seen is the ability of the business to compete with players much larger than the experience that can greatly exceed the Steve Jobs business in areas such as banking.



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