Monday , March 1 2021

25 semi-finalists unveiled for soccer football in Canton, Ohio

The first eligible Tony Gonzalez, Ed Reed and Champ Bailey are among the 25 semifinals entering the Professional American Football Hall of Fame.

Altogether, 13 defensive players, nine aggressors and three coaches – Jimmy Johnson, Tom Flores and Don Coryell – fought in the cut.

Reaching the semifinals for the first time, although previously eligible, is Flores and the linear contractor Zach Thomas.

Taxpayers Gil Brandt and Pat Bowlen and candidate for the senior committee, Johnny Robinson, have been nominated as finalists for the site.

The 25 semi-finals of the modern season 103 will be cut to 15 on January 3rd. The selection meeting will be held on February 2, one day before the Super Bowl, in Atlanta.

The honorable ceremonies will take place on August 3 in the Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio.

The semi-finals:

Steve Atwater, deep

Champ Bailey, corner back

Ronde Barber, cornerback / deep

Tony Boselli, confrontation

Isaac Bruce, receiver

LeRoy Butler, deep

Don Corinne, coach

Alan Faneca, guard

Thomas Flores, Coach

Tony Gonzalez, tight end

Torry Holt, receiver

Steve Hutchinson, guard

Edgerrin James, runner

Jimmy Johnson, Coach

The law Ty, angular

John Lynch, deep

Clay Matt, linear

Kevin Mawae, center / guard

Carl Mecklenburg

Sam Milles, line

Ed Reed, deep

Richard Seymour, defensive

Zach Thomas, line

Hines Ward, receiver

Darren Woodson, deep

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