Watch the Virgin Galactic pilots launching in space, see the Earth from above


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The Unity spacecraft left the land on Friday morning and then returned back to California's Mojave desert.

The masters of the New York Gallery, Dave Mackay and Mike Masucci, flown the fifth ultrasonic test flight of the aerospace company – . After taking off a runway linked to WhiteKnightTwo's mother, Unity was knocked off at about 45,000 feet before the rocket engine was fired and the ship was shot in space.

There, at , the crew examined the black sphere of space and the experience of gravity.

The spacecraft brought more weight than ever before, near the expected cargoes if it had a full load of passengers on board, the company said.

After visiting space, VSS Unity reappeared in the Earth's atmosphere and collapsed safely to the Virgin Galactic Space Port of the Mojave Desert, California.

In early February, two Virgin Galactic pilots were awarded astronaut wings by the US Department of Transportation, just over 51 miles above Earth in December. It was the first time the company had arrived in space.

The United States considers that 50 miles above the ocean is the boundary between Earth and space, although many scientific offices and organizations use the – 62 miles above sea level – to determine this fantastic boundary.

The limit, then, is unclear. But the material of Virgin Galactic definitely depicts an experience in space. The Chief Executive Officer, billionaire Richard Branson, said he has been in Unity since the summer.

If the company's continuous pilot flights prove to be successful, customers will travel to space, which will take approximately 90 minutes from take-off to landing. Passengers will experience a few minutes without gravity before the spacecraft begins its descent.

Although space tourism is still in growing phases, Virgin Galactic has tremendous competition. Blue Origin, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, plans to launch test flights with people on its ship in New Shepherd later this year, Bezos. Bezos also said that New Shepard will fly over the Kármán line, just as it is already without the people on board.

There is another big difference between the two space tourism companies. Blue Origin customers will be launched into space on a rocket while Virgin Galactic passengers will take off and land on a California Corridor.


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