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'Walking Dead': Explanation of the final episode Maggie and Lauren Cohan

The former time of Maggie Rhee in the nine season is in the end, according to Angela Kang showdown.

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Andrew Lincoln said farewell The Dead Walking (at least in terms of his time as a regular series, as he moves to the original movies in Walking Dead , Sunday's episode, and was not the only one: "What Comes After" also marked Lauren Cohan's final appearance as Maggie Rhee, if only for now.

"This is her last for this season," says Angela Kang showdown, speaking to me The Hollywood reporter for Cohan's work in the nineteenth. AMC chairman David Madden confirms the news, adding: "I hope it will not be the last one you will see on the show, but it's not in upcoming episodes."

This past spring, Cohan signed for a series of regular roles in ABC's new drama Whiskey Cavalier, following a monthly negotiation agreement with AMC for her work The Dead Walking. The deal allowed her to return Walking Dead in limited capacity for the 9th season. as the last episode ends, it seems that the capacity has reached the limit.

For what it deserves, Maggie's departure makes sense in "What Comes After". During season nine, Maggie's story revolved around a thirst for revenge against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the prisoner of Alexandria, who brutally murdered her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun). In "What Comes After", Maggie eventually found herself at a Negan shooting distance, after convincing Michonne (Danai Gurira) that she would never find peace until she achieved revenge. But when he faced the reality of Nagan, Maggie first-handed witness how far the former King of Savor had fallen off. He believes that death would be a kindness to Nagan. life imprisonment is a much tougher fate for the man who killed Glenn.

Maggie's and Negan's top scene mirrors Negan's latest show at Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard on which the show is based. There, Maggie comes to a similar conclusion about Negan, although the scene takes place far below the line from the current position of the show in history. Given Cohan's limited ability to return The Dead Walking, it makes sense because the timing accelerated for the AMC series.

Weeks ago, The Dead Walking offered a natural outlet for Maggie: a role in the group headed by Georgie, the wise survivor of Jayne Atkinson, who was introduced to the eight season. From their first meeting, Georgia apparently tried to testify Maggie as a new member of its neighborhood. Despite the decline in Maggie's offer, it appears that Georgie was committed to recruiting.

Is it possible that Maggie and Georgie are now on the open road together, following the most recent events of the 9th season? It is impossible to know at this time, considering it but a big twist in Lincoln's farewell episode, in addition to the obvious issue of Rick's helicopter exit: the massive jump of time between Rick's departure and the final act of the episode. The exact amount of time that's passed is currently unknown, but it's long enough for Baby Judith Grimes to grow up in a shooting zombie killer as Cailey Fleming played – perhaps a decade, give or take a few years. With such a gap in the time between Maggie's encounter with Negan and whatever comes in turn in the series, there is no truth about where the Hilltop leader can emerge.

"We talked to Lauren and we hope we'll talk more about her story," says Kang. "Certainly we have some stuff on our sleeve that we would like to do, many of which are just a programming conversation, so hopefully everything will work, because I think we would like to continue with Maggie's story, for sure."

Madden adds: "Angela and Lauren are talking, they're really friendly and we'd like to see her come back. Many of these will have to do with Whiskey Cavalier [which premieres midseason on ABC] and what then becomes available, which we obviously do not control. But creatively, we would like to see its return to some extent. And we definitely feel that Maggie has more history. We did not have it, as you have seen, kill it in 905. We created it somewhere out there. And that is something we would like to reward on returning if its program allows it. "

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