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Toy Story 4 & # 39; Mini criticism

Some graphic points Toy Story 4 are discussed below, but nothing you can really collect from the trailers.

Toy Story 4 poses a strange metaphysical question: Are we what we are solely because of the definition of another?

Consider the Forky's strange, twisted story (Tony Hale). A bastard who was rescued from the garbage and in combination with some gray eyes, a cleaner tube, a spray and a clay, Forky, in addition to the mistake he calls (he should not be Sporky?) By his creator, lying down to his deformed legs.

For Forky, this is a scary fact. But it should be mildly annoying for the rest of us as well. Besides, if this is all they need for these inanimate objects to acquire sensitivity, there is not a whole rejection of a class of objects gaining self-knowledge after short adventures of slavery as toys? Does every stick he gets captured and used as a blaster Stormtrooper spends the rest of his existence challenging his terrifying existence as a bit of rotting wood destined for the chips? If a toddler gets a piece of canoe and treats it like a toy, it turns into Shitty and longs for the composting pile?

On the contrary, Forky seems to have some memory for his pre-life: He wants to live in rubbish where he is hot and safe. He They are Trash. This is his role. To be used once and discarded.

And this is Toy Story 4 is more or less: knowing his role in the world, the place of the individual and what to do with himself, his responsibilities and to whom he owes these responsibilities. For Forky, this abomination in front of God's eyes means that we learn that it has responsibilities as a toy to provide comfort and care to the little girl who brought it to life. For Woody (Tom Hanks), that means something different: knowing when the time has passed and when to leave.

All I have to say Toy Story 4 is really about maternity. Woody is declared poetic to see one of his children grow up – Andy, the owner of the first three movies – and feels less useful for the second time, along with Bonnie. Takes care of other games. Woody is tired. It does not have much to do. besides convincing Forky for his purpose and making sure he does not run into the rubbish, leaving Bonnie to stay, Woody pauses. A child has grown up. the other who was from afar.

Is it still Bonnie's game if he has no use for him – if his definition has changed?

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