The Fallout 76 2019 roadmap includes Raids, Nukashine Brewing and new history missions


Fallout 76 has now come out for 100 days and Bethesda has a surprise in the store for those who are still playing. The studio has unveiled the road map for Fallout 76, which includes three large droplets of content planned throughout the year. The full road map can be found on the Fallout 76 website, but we have described the most important points.

On March 12, Fallout acquires the extension of Wild Appalachia, which includes two new quests and a game. The missions, Shear Terror and the weather up, present new stories to continue. the former focuses on fabulous monsters while the latter has joined Pioneer Scouts and wins valuable badges. The new mode of play, called Survival, is a high stakes PvP variant of the Fallout 76 adventure mode. Wild Appalachia also includes many new features, such as a means of exchanging unwanted legendary tools for the new legendary, creating its own your store where you can sell to other players and prepare and distil your own Nukashine recipes.

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In the summer of 2019, Nuclear Winter comes to Fallout 76 and brings another new game and features to the game. The new mode of operation, also called nuclear winter, has not yet been analyzed, but Bethesda has said it would completely change the Wasteland rules. A new prestige system will allow all level 50 players to follow a new legendary situation and unlock more dynamic skills. Ports 96 and 94 will also open, bringing provocative raids to Fallout 76.

This autumn, Fallout 76 is finally dropping content for the year, titled Wastelanders, which Bethesda describes as a "story with real choice and consequences" that includes "a new main search, new factions, new events, new features , surprises ".

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In the review of Fallout 76, Edmond Tran wrote: "Bethesda has stated that it intends to continue supporting the game for a long time, but when fired, Fallout 76 is a bad experience. from Vault Boy's cute cartoons, over the well-known radio tracks and you will not find a heart – just an insignificant disaster that is condemned to shave over and over again. "


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