Tuesday , July 27 2021

Seth Rollins Drops WWE RAW Labels Tag Team to Painters

Seth Rollins has previously proven to be iron but the current WWE Intercontinental Champion Champion could not overcome the numbers on Monday night to keep the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.

Rollins and Dean Ambrose won the titles two weeks ago in RAW, but Ambrose turned Rollins immediately after the fight and did not want to do anything with his colleague ever since. Rollins transfers both of his belts.

Monday Night during RAW, which was in film delay from Manchester, UK, Rollins had to defend the bands against pain writers through orders from RAW General Manager Baron Corbin.

While Rollins put a courageous fight early and across, he could not overcome the two powerhouses and lost the championships in the end.

Despite the loss of the championship, Rollins remains a champion of Intercontinental and is likely to protest with Ambrose over this band for the next two months. It is now rumored that the duo will fight for the championship in December's TLC.

After the loss of the championship, Ambrose crossed the crowd into the ring. He got to the microphone and said "do you want to find out why I did what I did?"

Rollins was telling me "why?" and Ambrose shook his head before giving Rollins the Dirty Deeds DDT. Ambrose was disappointed as the crowd grabbed and the announcers noted that he had not yet given an explanation for activating his friend. His wife, Renee Young, said he also did not find any answers from him.

The Pain Associates, who had a great success at the NXT but participated mainly in squash racing since they arrived on the main list, seem to hold the tag team championship on Monday night for quite some time.

RAW Labeling is invalid by any large group of kids that seems likely to capture the titles in the near future, so look for a predominantly exhausted AOP with Drake Maverick on their side.

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